Nicole Hatch

My name is Nicole Hatch. I am the author of Timeless Poetry available on amazon. I have just started writing poetry in January, although I wrote my first poem 20 years ago. I created a group called Nikki’s Nook in February so I could share my poems and read other people’s poetry as well as give them a place to share their work. I have over 200 members now and it’s growing more every week. I just want to keep it a safe place for people to come and enjoy poetry.

    I have 5 kids of my own from my first marriage and 2 stepdaughters from my second marriage, one of which passed away in 2013 at the age of 28 in a tragic car accident. I have 15 grandkids.

     I have been married to my husband for 10 years. We’ve been together for 17 years. He is the one who pushed me to follow my dream of writing poetry and publishing my book. 

     This journey has helped me to deal with having severe anxiety and PTSD. I also suffer from depression. I have had these issues since I was a young girl and at times it can be debilitating. Writing has helped me learn to deal with my feelings and express them in a healthy way. I have seen that I am not alone as the people I follow in various poetry groups suffer from the same diagnosis.  I hope you enjoy reading my poems. Thank you for your support.


When we met, I instantly believed in you
I knew there was something special
I saw a man with integrity
You treated me with respect
I never knew just what I was missing
Until I fell in love with you that day
In all the years I thought I knew
What love was really about
You said you saw me in your dreams
I felt my heart as it smiled that night
Because you were so sincere
You mirrored my soul in your eyes
And I knew that I had found the man of my dreams!

When I saw you, I fell in love, you smiled because you knew’

-William Shakespeare

Man in the moon

Meteors crash
Stars collide
Moons shine bright
Galaxies hide
Planets orbit
Objects fly
Men send satellites
High into the sky
Life existing
In other worldly form
Thunder crashing
Lightning storms
Aurorae borealis
Rainbow appears
Visualize what he sees
Imagine what he hears
The man in the moon
He has seen it all
When man landed upon him
When the towers fall
Prehistoric ages
The parting sea
The deep depression
The chivalry
Buildings rise
Desert droughts
Flooding lands
Soldiers shout
Volcano erupts
Shaking grounds
Plastic shores
Wildlife drowns
Mankind selfish acts persist
The man he sees
He watches, he exists
He’s seen us rise
He’ll watch us fall
Life as we know it
Will take us all!


                          Eyes met              First time
                     From across           a dark room
                 Love for you was like a sonic boom
              Nothing compares to that feeling I got
            Falling for you lit a fire in my soul so hot
         I will always treasure the love you’ve shown
             You are the best man I have ever known
                 Thank you for being my everything
                    For all the happiness you bring
                     I will always cherish this love
                        You will always rise above
                           On the wings of a dove
                                We soar through
                                      Baby I love


One thought on “Nicole Hatch

  1. Good for you Mate

    Writing has so meanings and foundational purposes for me

    Just like music does the world without music to caressess your soul would be empty corrugated decaying void.

    Through my writing allows me to use it as instrument to share my thoughts of 2 worlds that are raging one surrounds me the other wages reign of war within.

    As the writer “the level of cerebral and unpredictability gives a tumultuous feeling of twists and turns, never knowing where the road is going to take you until you are sucked into the unknown of the deceptive presence of Black Ice when the bottom drops out you never see coming before its too late. So unexpected and thought-provoking:) The definitive psychological mind binder trip into the unknown abyss of twisted creations.


    luas dia I do thruas



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