About us:

We are the co-founders and co-owners of impspired and we bring a range of interests and experience to the site.

Between us we have expertise in writing, editing, publishing, promoting and teaching.

Shirley Bell is a widely published and anthologised poet, with her work archived in the Special Collection at the University of Lincoln (Her collection of published work 1982 to 2016 is available on Amazon, in Hanging Windows on the Dark). She is also an experienced editor (Proof for Lincolnshire & Humberside Arts and The Blue Nib from its earliest days until 2019). She is an experienced workshop tutor and has worked as a writer in residence for all ages from 11 years old to adults. She has given readings all over the country, including the Arvon centres in Devon and Yorkshire and the South Bank Centre in London.

Steve Cawte is a playwright, poet, teacher and performer. Over the years, he has produced eight of the plays he has written and has directed a collection of stage plays working from the National Theatre down to local charitable projects and youth productions. He went on to win two awards in 2012 – the ‘Our Times New Writer of the Year’ and the ‘Voice it’ Performers prize. His passion for poetry and theatre has led him to become a board member for ‘Lincoln Inspired’, an up-and-coming arts festival, and the host of the Lyric Lounge Lincoln poetry event. Steve works closely with the mental health charity NIDUS-UK helping to produce a wealth of theatre projects to raise funds and promote their excellent work. Steve is a strong believer in inspiring and encouraging new writers, and to this end is a founding member of Lincoln Creative Writers which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. Steve is also the host for the Jolly Brewer Spoken Word night in Lincoln which he has been running for 6 years now. Between acting work and spoken word performances, Steve runs workshops with children and adults teaching drama and creative writing. Steve is currently writer-in-residence at the Priory City of Lincoln School as part of the First Story charity inspiring young writers, this is his fifth year on the project.