Nicolas Ridley

Nicolas Ridley lives in London & Bath (UK) where he writes fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, scripts and stage plays under different names. A prize-winner and twice a Pushcart Prize nominee, his short stories have been widely published in anthologies, literary magazines and journals in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA. WALKING SHADOWS I am a realist. By this I mean I see things as they are, not as they aren’t. The suspension of disbelief seems to me pointless. I am therefore not normally a theatre-goer. But here I was, on a damp December evening, in a dismal seaside town, … Continue reading Nicolas Ridley

Robert Beveridge

Robert Beveridge (he/him) makes noise ( and writes poetry in Akron, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in Page and Spine, The Pointed Circle, and Failed Haiku, among others. GACY NEVER DID THIS Obsessed with pictures of clowns. Acrylic, gouache, camel hair brushes. You sit late into night, search for the perfect shade of crimson to mix into clown white. You realize your error, replace the canvas with a mirror. HIGH-RISK BEHAVIOR IN CINEMASCOPIC RAIN[1] Prisms bounced Against the mahogany wall as cars pass by and light the drops on the window. Steak, bloody, so right you can cut it with a fork, … Continue reading Robert Beveridge

Jim Bates

Jim lives in a small town twenty miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His stories and poems have appeared in over two-hundred online and print publications. His short story “Aliens” has been nominated by The Zodiac Press for the 2021 Pushcart Prize. His collection of short stories Resilience is scheduled to be published in early 2021 by Bridge House Publishing and Short Stuff a collection of his flash fiction and drabbles will be published by Chapeltown books in 2021. In addition, Something Better, a dystopian adventure, will be published by Paper Djinn Press in early 2021. All of his stories can … Continue reading Jim Bates

John Tustin

John Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many literary journals, online and in print, in the last dozen years. contains links to his published poetry online. EMPTY STATION I wait for you In an empty station: My footsteps echo, Unknown breezes irritate stray paper Into little whirlwinds just above the tracks. No passing trains, no announcements, As I pace from the bench to the information booth And then back to the bench. You will come. It is a cold and grimy station And I pass the time humming to myself And reading the advertisements flaking On the walls. I do not pray. … Continue reading John Tustin

Jane L King

Jane King is a full-time faculty member at the University of Phoenix, where she teaches online.  She is also a retired business lawyer.  After many years, she has returned to writing fiction.  She is also an avid animal lover—with cats being at the top of the list.  This is the second story in her series, The Ten Lives of Hector, The Cat!  The first story was published in Volume 3, Issue 6 of Impspired Magazine.  The Second Life of Hector, The Cat! Hector Time Travels to Mars Have you ever done something dangerous or something that excited you at the … Continue reading Jane L King

Candace Meredith

Candace Meredith earned her Bachelor of Science degree in English Creative Writing from Frostburg State University in the spring of 2008. Her works of poetry, photography and fiction have appeared in literary journals Bittersweet, The Backbone Mountain Review, The Broadkill Review, In God’s Hands/ Writers of Grace, A Flash of Dark, Greensilk Journal, Saltfront, Mojave River Press and Review, Scryptic Magazine, Unlikely Stories Mark V, The Sirens Call Magazine, The Great Void, Foreign Literary Magazine, Lion and Lilac Magazine, Snow Leopard Publishing, BAM Writes  and various others. Candace currently resides in Virginia with her two sons and her daughter, her fiancé … Continue reading Candace Meredith

Ann Christine Tabaka

Ann Christine Tabaka was nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry. She is the winner of Spillwords Press 2020 Publication of the Year, her bio is featured in the “Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020,” published by Sweetycat Press. Chris has been internationally published, and won poetry awards from numerous publications. Her work has been translated into Sequoyah-Cherokee Syllabics, into French, and into Spanish. She is the author of 13 poetry books. She has been published micro-fiction anthologies and short story publications.  Christine lives in Delaware, USA.  She loves gardening and cooking.  Chris lives with her husband and four cats. Her most … Continue reading Ann Christine Tabaka

John Drudge

John is a social worker working in the field of disability management and holds degrees in social work, rehabilitation services, and psychology.  He is the author of three books of poetry: “March” (2019), “The Seasons of Us” (2019) and New Days (2020). His work has appeared widely in numerous literary journals, magazines, and anthologies internationally. John is also a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee and lives in Caledon Ontario, Canada with his wife and two children. Rome’s Shadow We have all grown up In Rome’s shadow The story of the world Unravelled before us From the beginnings … Continue reading John Drudge

Clair Chilvers

Clair Chilvers was a cancer scientist, and latterly worked for the UK National Health Service.She divides her time between writing and volunteering for the charity Mental Health Research UK that she co-founded. She lives in Gloucestershire, UK. She has had poems published in online and print magazines including Agenda, Allegro, Amaryllis, Artemis, Atrium, the Ekphrastic Review, Impspired,Ink Sweat and Tears, the Poetry Atlas, Sarasvati and Snakeskin. She won second prize in the Poetry Kit Ekphrastic Competition 2020 and her poems havebeen longlisted or commended in the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize 2020, and Poetry Kit Competition 2020.Her first collection When We Come … Continue reading Clair Chilvers

Nicolas D Sampson

Sampson is a writer-producer based in Cyprus and the UK. His work has appeared in Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel, The Scofield, and The Writers’ Magazine, among others. His short story Flames and Shadows was nominated for a 2018 Pushcart Prize. Film projects include Behind the Mirror(writer/producer – winner of Best Thriller in the Manhattan Film Festival 2015), Vita and Virginia and Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall(executive producer). He loves Alfred Hitchcock films. And traveling. And the Cloud. And is currently working on a psychological horror script. BLESSED ARE THE WRITERS ‘Septimus let himself think about horrible things. They went to Hampton Court on top of a bus, and they were perfectly happy. All the little red and yellow flowers … Continue reading Nicolas D Sampson