Peter Witt

Peter Witt is a Texas poet, with poems appearing in online and print publications.  He is a former university professor who now devotes his time to researching and writing family history and poetry.  He is also an avid birder. We Were Only Seven I trusted you, with every breath I took from early morning to late night and every hour in between. You were my first love, the one who took a dare from your girlfriends, kissed me on the cheek, then shyly stood back giggling with your friends while the boys on the playground cheered, slapped me on the … Continue reading Peter Witt

Nolo Segundo

Nolo Segundo, pen name of L.J. Carber, 75, in his 8th decade became a published poet in over 70 online/in print literary journals/anthologies in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Romania, India, and in 2 trade book collections: The Enormity of Existence [2020] and Of Ether and Earth [2021]. Recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2022, he’s a retired teacher [America, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia] who’s been married 42 years to a smart and beautiful Taiwanese woman. The Cybernetic Lullaby PART I They sing softly to us at Every click of the mouse— use me, I’m here for you, only you, in the … Continue reading Nolo Segundo

Ken Gosse

Ken Gosse generally writes light poetry using simple language, meter, and rhyme in verses filled with whimsy and humor. First published in The First Literary Review–East in 2016, his poetry is also online with Academy of the Heart and Mind, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Home Planet News, Impspired, and others. He is also in print anthologies from Pure Slush, The Coil, Truth Serum Press, Peking Cat, and others. Raised in the Chicago suburbs, he and his wife have lived in Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Germany, Virginia, and now in Mesa, Arizona over twenty years with two or more rescue dogs and cats … Continue reading Ken Gosse

John Tustin

John Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many literary journals, online and in print, since 2009. contains links to his published poetry online. THE CLOCK Man will someday die out With woman right beside him In the for-better-or-for-worse ritual That is just natural Then no one with the capacity Of poetic expression Will look out upon the mountains Smell the sea on the wind Hear the calls of birds to other birds In amorousness or in warning While the waves crash upon a naked shore That lies rife with the living and the dead of the sea Or know the … Continue reading John Tustin

Tim Law

Tim Law is an author of fantasy, horror, detective and general short story fiction as well as the occasional poem or two. He heralds from a little town in Southern Australia called Murray Bridge. A happily married father of three children (plus four cats and a rabbit), family is very important to him. Currently working at the Murray Bridge Library in the role of Library Manager he has dreamed since his early high school years of becoming a full-time author. Working for a library, surrounded by so many wonderful authors it is difficult not to be inspired to write. Tim … Continue reading Tim Law

Keith Sparks Jr.

Keith E. Sparks Jr. has been writing from a young age. He has had his work published in various literary journals and magazines and has been nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Prize. More recently he has published multiple collections of poetry including a Compilation Collection of four separate book releases gathered together titled “Gathering Dust.”  Keith is the creator and former editor of Open Skies Quarterly, digital and print publications dedicated to poetic voices. Keith resides in West Virginia with his wife and three children whom are the epicenter of his existence. 3:45 A.M. I dream of nothing and travel … Continue reading Keith Sparks Jr.

David Congalton

David Congalton is a writer and radio host living in San Luis Obispo, Ca. His new collection of essays, “Man About Town: Stories of San Luis Obispo” is available through Amazon Kindle. Santa Barbara Rain We drive to Santa Barbara. Despite the heavy rain. And afternoon appointments. And the others in our lives. What are we seeking? What are we thinking? I cannot see the road. Only your voice to guide me. The quick touch of your hand to reassure me. How easily I get lost. Continue reading David Congalton

Duke LaRance

I was born and raised on the High Plains of Northern Montana, shaped by its hard, unforgiving magnificence.  I always knew that I was worth a read but it took me almost twenty years to find the right platform and audience.  I made a huge splash a year and a half ago on some private Facebook poetry sites, garnering awards there, as well as several honors in short order at  Honestly, I hoped I had a couple pieces worthy of publication in the last issue of Impspired, however it came as a total shock to learn that my works … Continue reading Duke LaRance

Madhu Gangopadhyay

Madhu Gangopadhyay hails from India. Her passion for writing began when she was in school. She loves to pen down her musings at random moments. She is fiercely passionate about poetry and short stories, and her penchant for mythology can be seen in her works. She conveniently explores all the genres of poetry writing and has written on a plethora of topics. She has a Master of English Literature degree from Calcutta University and a bachelor’s degree in Education. She has been in the education industry for two decades now. She has also been a content developer and has designed … Continue reading Madhu Gangopadhyay

Gordon Scapens

Widely published over many years in numerous magazines, journals, anthologies and competitions Currently preparing a collection. Lives in a suburb of Preston with his wife, who’s friend, critic, muse and editor. Plays acoustic guitar averagely to her singing. FOOL’S LEARNING CURVE. This bed’s in a storm, has been a ship sailing the rage of the night. Sleep was lost, washed away overboard leaving the breakwater of a troubled midnight. Navigation charted the straits of disturbed waters when propelled by guilt, visible for miles from the vantage point of hindsight. I would have turned against the current I started myself but … Continue reading Gordon Scapens