Ron Torrence

Ron Torrence published his first short story at age 50 and his first poem at age 80. Even so his fiction, non-fiction and poetry are pretty widely published. He’s also written five novels and a screen play, all unpublished. Much more to do. His work has appeared in American Writer’s Review, Crack The Spine, The Dirty Goat, Dos Passos Review, Existere Journal, Forge, The MacGuffin, Menda City Review, Nassau Review, riverSedge, Orange Willow Review, Slipstream, Eureka Literary Magazine, Oxalis, Ash, Potent Aphrodisiac, Rockhurst Review, The Tower Journal, Thereby Hangs A Tale, Typo, Sour Grapes, Circuit Traces, RE:AL, Reflections Literary Journal, way station magazine, … Continue reading Ron Torrence

John Welsh

I promote writing as a therapy. “Got a frown, write it down, Feeling blue, a pen will do” Some of my work is deep, considered and emotive and some is daft. The performing bug has bitten me along with the writing and I am reluctant to hand back the microphone. I have a flat full of poetry, stories and compilations of undefined genres. I will be famous when I am dead (well at least for 15 minutes) John Welsh not dead just resting. EARTH HEALTH CHECK Inspired by Lincoln Cathedral bells. (A NATURE’S LAMENT) I CRIED AGAIN LAST EVENING IT … Continue reading John Welsh

Kathleen Denizard

I am a former teacher of English and for many years worked in social services addressing the needs of residents in affordable housing. There is pure joy for me in sharing my poetry, in relating the many wonders of life and human experiences as a mature observer of people and nature. Real Man in a Pink House? A shock of sunlight arched across the rooftop of a perspective new home as my husband and I approached its driveway from the back seat of our realtor’s BMW. This was the last stop after a weary day’s trek through many disappointing “showings”. The house had … Continue reading Kathleen Denizard

Dharmpal Mahendra Jain

Born (1952) and raised in tribal reserve of Jhabua, India, Dharm is a Toronto based Author. He writes in Hindi and has seven published books- five collections of satirical essays and two collections of Poetry. He is a columnist for three prestigious journals Chankya Varta, Vishwa gatha and Setu. His works have appeared in prestigious Hindi journals across the world. He is currently working on a full-length collection in English. FB:  Web page –   The best To compose the best prayer I chose lots of words all my life and wrote, ‘Mom.’ My Earth Looks Extraordinary Standing at … Continue reading Dharmpal Mahendra Jain

Alan Catlin

Alan Catlin has several new books in the works including a long series of noir movie poems concluding with three chapbooks in one book under the title Exterminating Angels from Kelsay for mid-year 2022. he also has two chapbooks coming soon as well: Satan’s Kiss from Gutter Snob ad Dream Rider from Orchard Street Press. Irish Rovers “Don’t put on any airs When you’re down on Rue Morgue Avenue….” – Bob Dylan If they had a name these guys would be called, The Dead Before Death Gang. All of them aging badly, an average of two ex-wives, three point one … Continue reading Alan Catlin

Hugh Blanton

Hugh Blanton is the author of A Home to Crouch In. He has appeared in The American Journal of Poetry, The Scarlet Leaf Review, As It Ought To Be, and other places. He can be reached on Twitter @HughBlanton5. August Zooming August around here is hotter than an equatorial hellhole. The top of my head is being torched, the wind is burning my bare arms. The sun is reflecting off of white building walls and blinding me because my sunglasses are gone. There’s a metal bus stop sign post rising out of the concrete sidewalk, but no bench. The Metropolitan … Continue reading Hugh Blanton

Swayam Prashant

Swayam Prashant (pen-name of Dr. Prashanta Kumar Sahoo) was born in the undivided Cuttack district, Odisha. He was formerly an Associate Professor of English at Sarupathar College, Assam, India. He has written six books and two booklets. They are : Evaluation of Textbooks in the Teaching of English (based on his Ph.D. thesis); Values in Life (based on a research project on Vedic and Upanishadic writings); Knowledge Tree (miscellaneous prose writings); Haiku from the Garden of My Own (poetry); Live Like a Man (poetry); Premras Amrit (poetry in Assamese); Virgin Land Impregnated (a thematic study of Canadian folk songs); and    … Continue reading Swayam Prashant

Peter F. Crowley

Peter F. Crowley is an independent writer from the Boston area. His poetry book Those Who Hold Up the Earth was released by Kelsay Books in 2020. Other work of his can be found in Pif Magazine, Galway Review, Opiate Magazine and Counterpunch, among other publications. The Broadcaster Mickey, a 31-year old man with red curly hair, had the habit of broadcasting his pre-dream images and dreams to whoever was around. He would broadcast these in a dull, monotone voice as they were occurring.      When he and his wife Danielle, who had raven hair, pale skin and dark brown … Continue reading Peter F. Crowley

Darren J. Beaney

Darren J Beaney is a hopeless romantic and he means hopeless! He cuts his own hair. He really enjoys a good pint of IPA. He loves music, mainly punk rock, and old Colombian folk music, but lots of other stuff as well. He is one half of Flight of the Dragonfly, who host a regular spoken word evening on Zoom and in a pub Brighton, they also produce FLIGHTS a quarterly poetry, prose and flash fiction e-journal and have just set up as a small publishing press. He has had poems published in several journals and anthologies and has two … Continue reading Darren J. Beaney

John Barner

J.R. Barner is a writer, teacher, and musician living in Athens, Georgia. They are the author of the chapbooks Burnt Out Stars and Thirteen Poems and their first collection, Little Eulogies. They were educated at the University of Minnesota and the University of Georgia. Their work has appeared in online and journals Flow, Anobium, and Release. New work is available periodically at Saying Goodbye (early in the morning on the Rue des Mauvais Garçons) They found Walter Benjamin under the sewer, Eyes wide like he’d just had a vision or a scare, Yes, I’m saving for my return flight, … Continue reading John Barner