How to navigate the site

If you are already comfortable with following links around websites, you are on the wrong page!

Otherwise, please navigate through the site links, to find work you want to see by following the orange arrows. The menu appears in two places, along the top of each page and in a right hand side toolbar.

The menu is also at the foot of each page – this is because “Category” pages eg Poetry, Fiction etc do not show the sidebar so you can find the menu at the top of each page and in the footer on Category pages.

If you look at the top menu, each item is a clickable link that takes you to a page with more information on that topic.

Two of the links (so far!) have more pages to see, so if you also click on the downward facing orange arrow on the right on, e.g., News, Views and Inspiration, you will open up information on Writer’s Groups

However impspired magazine 1 is more complicated.

It is designed to work like a print magazine, so if you follow tke orange arrow down to poetry, you can click a rightward facing arrow to open up work by contributors, in alphabetical order.

For example: impspired magazine 1 – poetry- poets in alphabetical order… or fiction, scripts whatever also work like this (though not everything has been separated into individuals yet on everything, because the site is still my work in progress which is feeling a bit like an architectural monster!)

The illustration is very poor, but it shows you the hierarchy, I think. (Any illustrators out there to do a better job??)

Poetry is always going to be a large section and unless I separated poets by their name they were very hard to find by scrolling.

Getting back – use the computer back button or go back into the menus. Also – you can instantly return to top bar items with a click.

As ever, please let me know if anything is wrong/unclear.