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Impspired Volume One
By Impspired Magazine
Impspired Magazine is a print anthology, combining the work of a host of international writers. The work was first sourced and published on the online literary magazine This edition contains work from issues 1 & 2 online.
Faking Nature
By Stephen Meek
‘Faking Nature’ is my third collection of poetry, the previous two being ‘the Bad Traveller’ and ‘July’.  Many of the poems were written to commission – many for a Cruse Bereavement poetry event and others for Arts Council funded exhibitions and performances, notably the Bird After Bird and After Bird exhibitions in Brigg.
Conveniently for these events, many of my poems cover the same themes – the beauty and permanence of nature contrasted with the transience of human existence. However, I also perform at poetry readings at venues where more light-hearted and (hopefully) comedic poems are what the crowd expects – so hopefully some of these poems will force the reader, if not to smile, at least to grimace!

Shouting At Lesbians
By Robbie Taylor
A book for those people who really shouldn’t judge books by their covers… or their titles.
Then the World Changed
By Henry Bladon and Marcel Herms
Dedicated to all the tireless health and social care staff out there, and all those who have kept the world turning at a difficult time.
Circus Town Mammals
By Robbie Taylor
More poems from the trough, dip in but remember though we seek the cool depths, the scum on the surface is where our reflections come to rest.

By Matt Spittles
Beginnings includes a selection of poems written over the past three decades reflecting beauty and struggle within the natural world and the tenuous threads of human love and loss. These themes are both personal and universal and have preoccupied writers and artists over the ages.

Notes from the STATE of OMNESIA
By Henry Bladon
Somewhere in the near-future, the State of OMNESIA is ruled over by the TYRANT. Bureaucracy and an obsession with rule-making are paramount within this semi-dystopian social structure. Paperwork is done in triplicate, people actually measure pavement widths, and numerous departments and sub-departments ensure the efficiency of their unique system of Bureaucratic Idealism.

Impspired Magazine Volume Two
370 pages by 90 writers from across the world. It contains all the published works from Issues 3 & 4 online.