Darrell Petska

Darrell Petska, a retired university engineering editor, is a 2021 and 2022 Pushcart Prize nominee. His poetry can be found in 3rd Wednesday, Muddy River Poetry Review, Verse-Virtual, Chiron Review and widely elsewhere (conservancies.wordpress.com). Father of five and grandfather of six, he lives near Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife of more than 50 years.  Rubbish Day Tuesday here is Rubbish Day. To the curb each Monday night we dutifully wheel our rumbly bins. It’s all planned out: pay the tax, consume, toss what’s left to the lumbering trucks that make it disappear: fait accompli! Fifty-two Tuesdays each year, we observe … Continue reading Darrell Petska

Chris Wood

Chris Wood lives in Tennessee with her husband and several fur babies. She works as a lease maintenance manager for a real estate management company and is a member of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild (CWG), where she serves as treasurer. Her work has appeared in several journals and publications, including Poetry Quarterly, Three Line Poetry, Haiku Journal, Panoply, and the American Diversity Report. She won second prize in the 2016 CWG Spring Contest for her poem, “Thus Your Live Grows,” and in June 2022, she won third prize in The Tennessee Magazine’s Poet’s Playground for her poem, “See Rock City.” Her work also appears in … Continue reading Chris Wood

Todd Matson

Todd Matson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in North Carolina, United States.  His poetry has been published in the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling; Soul-Lit: A Journal of Spiritual Poetry; and Fresh Words: An International Literary Magazine. He was the winner of a poetry contest sponsored by The Dream People, and his poetry has been featured in Poetry for Mental Health.  His short stories have been published in Faith, Hope and Fiction; Ariel Chart International Literary Journal; Literary Yard; Children, Churches & Daddies and Vital Christianity.  He has also written lyrics for songs recorded by number of … Continue reading Todd Matson

Gabby Marsh

Gabby Marsh is a writer studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, currently in their second year. So far they’ve had one short story, ‘Moved’ published in Horla Magazine. When Nothing is Said and Done I allow truth, but only in bits and pieces. When I’m done, all the leftovers go straight into a tub, stuffed into the bottom of the freezer. When I take it out, I’m scared it’ll thaw, allowing a bystander access to the feathery texture of this secret. Luckily, even the stars stand distant and inattentive to me. I can assure myself … Continue reading Gabby Marsh

Polly Richardson-Munnelly

Polly Richardson (Munnelly) Polly is a Dublin born poet now living and writing on the Dingle Peninsula, Kerry, Ireland. She has been published both nationally and internationally in many anthologies and e-zines under the surname of Munnelly and more recently Richardson. A contributing poet to US-based poetry forum Mad Swirl and Europe’s Live Encounters digi mag with poems featuring in Boston’s Nixes Mate review, Porter Gulch Review Cabrillo college US, Italian based Lotus Eater mag and member of and co-runs Navan creative writers group: The Bulls Arse. She has been heard reading at national and international poetry festivals from 2013 to … Continue reading Polly Richardson-Munnelly

Robin Payne

Robin Michele Payne is a native Californian who grew up loving to read and write from a young age. Writing poems and short stories has always been her real passion in life. After losing touch with her creative self over the years, she has just recently delved headlong into it once more. Her works have been accepted in multiple, worldwide published magazines and she has won awards for her poetry online and in poetry slams.  After living in Cairo, Egypt for twelve years, she now resides in Shrewsbury, England to increase her knowledge in the literary arts, play writing, and … Continue reading Robin Payne

Graham Cunningham

Graham Cunningham is a contributor of articles and occasional poems to a number of cultural magazines in the UK, USA and Australia. Siberia Dreaming “The past is my only possession… my treasured book…in here, see?” The boatman clasps fur clad arms to his chest. Suddenly in my riverboat dream I am right there with him in a cacophony of sight and sound. “The hold of my barge is always full. I have my woman, I have done well. But these immediate moments – this here and now – does not overwhelm me. Look into my eyes…see… I journey into other … Continue reading Graham Cunningham

Peter Cherches

Called “one of the innovators of the short short story” by Publishers Weekly, Peter Cherches has published three volumes of short prose fiction with Pelekinesis since 2013, most recently Whistler’s Mother’s Son (2020). His writing has also appeared in scores of magazines, anthologies and websites, including  Harper’s, Bomb, Semiotext(e), and Fiction International, as well as Billy Collins’ Poetry 180 website and anthology. His latest book is Masks: Stories from a Pandemic (Bamboo Dart Press, 2022). He is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Rave Reviews             “There’s a new restaurant I’ve been meaning to try,” Carla said. “It’s getting rave reviews.”             I was staying at Carla’s. I was … Continue reading Peter Cherches

Deby Cedars

Deby Cedars lives with her husband in Florida.  She is always looking for new forms of poetry to write. She loves the beach and has songs that she has written on YouTube.  You can find her poetry book, Poetry of a Paranoid Schizophrenic on Lulu.com. Dangerous Dreaming at the Perfect Pool The palm tree sways in the wind gently over the pool. She drinks in the sunshine by day. At night, She plays hide and seek with Venus. The waxing or waning moon is out of her grasp. Sometimes the the mysterious moon Wears a veil of clouds like a … Continue reading Deby Cedars