Philip Dunkerley

Philip Dunkerley is an active member of open mic communities in Peterborough and Stamford. He is the Poetry Society representative for the Stamford Stanza and runs a U3A Poetry Group in Bourne, where he lives. His poems have been published in Magma, Orbis, Dream Catcher, The Fenland Reed, Ink Sweat and Tears, Obsessed With Pipework, The Blue Nib, and elsewhere. His translations from Portuguese and Spanish, and poetry reviews, have been published in Orbis. His work has appeared in several anthologies, including Poems for Peace with a forward by Benjamin Zephaniah. Chaos Theory And when the butterfly flapped its wings … Continue reading Philip Dunkerley

Ruthie Adamson (AKA Wonky Wordsmith)

In these uncertain times where we are stuck at home Ruthie Adamson has a poem to help prevent us from getting in a lather. Timed to be 20 seconds long its the perfect hand washing companion for those of you tired of singing an extract of ‘God Save the Queen’ or ‘Happy Birthday’. Find her reading the poem ‘Lather’ – here Award Winning and published performance poet Ruthie Adamson, AKA Wonky Wordsmith, is wonky because it wasn’t her fate to be straight so she is homosexual and asymmetrical and a wordsmith because she wows with words about those things and … Continue reading Ruthie Adamson (AKA Wonky Wordsmith)

Ilhem Issaoui

Ilhem Issaoui is a 27-year-old Tunisian researcher and writer. Some of her poems and short stories have appeared both online and in print.She is also the author of a collection of poems entitled Fragments of a Wounded Soul. On Hell Hell is that black smock emerging from one’s eyes Saddened choleric colours coming out of tubes An artist can never be trusted with her own soul, her own hands, her own body They are someone’s material Someone’s brush and world, own world When outside is eaten with boredom And everyone is devouring someone else The artist is aloof, devouring herself Isn’t he the most … Continue reading Ilhem Issaoui

Chad Norman

Chad Norman lives beside the high-tides of the Bay of Fundy, in what is known as the hub of Nova Scotia.  He has given talks and readings in Denmark, Sweden, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, America, and across Canada. His poems continue to appear in publications around the world and have been translated into Danish, Albanian,  Romanian, Turkish, and Italian. His latest collections are Selected & New Poems ( Mosaic Press, Oakville, Ontario, Canada), and Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of the Sky (Grant Block Press, Truro, N.S., Canada). A new collection, Squall: Poems In The Voice Of Mary Shelley, is … Continue reading Chad Norman

Holly Day

Holly Day’s poetry has recently appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Grain, and Harvard Review. Her newest poetry collections are Where We Went Wrong (Clare Songbirds Publishing), Into the Cracks (Golden Antelope Press), Cross Referencing a Book of Summer (Silver Bow Publishing), and The Tooth is the Largest Organ in the Human Body (Anaphora Literary Press). The Light We wait for the bombs to feel us out pass the potatoes, say grace over the odd angels that have watched over us for years through the stained-glass windows of old churches through the eyes of Orthodox iconography. This is a moment of peace that will never come again.   Through the windows, the strength … Continue reading Holly Day

Robbie Taylor

I don’t write for therapeutic reasons, or as a means of catharsis. My dad had  a  Toyota Catharsis  and it was a terrible ride, so I write for the simple reason that writing is easy, writing is a bumpless road paved with good inflections… once you don’t concern yourself with quality… or critique… or self-awareness… manage that, and writing is easy, honestly, so simple that even I can do it. Plays are hard though, as in technically, as in remembering who said what and to whom, that sort of thing, and poems, poems are hard, not just the rhyming, but … Continue reading Robbie Taylor

James Croal Jackson

James Croal Jackson (he/him) has a chapbook, The Frayed Edge of Memory (Writing Knights Press, 2017), and poems in indefinite space, SHARK REEF, and Pacifica. He edits The Mantle Poetry ( Currently, he works in film production in Pittsburgh, PA. ( Rugby on television are beefy men staring each other down the camera zooms on one he   blows his snot onto the green grass a quiet meteor my friends and I saw that half-drunk at   the tavern then proceed to  agree we are too anxious to blow our nose with one   thousand people watching I guess it’s just testosterone, man, the comparisons of   muscles … Continue reading James Croal Jackson

Bill Burk

I am an emerging author working on a manuscript. I have a minor in Literature a hundred years ago from Grove City College in Pennsylvania, but am more or less completely self-inspired to share the written word. I have been published in my local newspapers with short sport-related essays, and have a WordPress site at where I post some of my writing. I am anxious to get my writing out there for people to read. The Diamond Left field is a long way from home plate, even farther from the dugout.  It’s crazy-long after a bad inning, one where you booted … Continue reading Bill Burk

Adrienne Christian

Adrienne Christian is a poet & writer, editor, and fine art photographer. Her work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Hayden’s Ferry Review, CALYX, phoebe, The Los Angeles Review as The Editor’s Choice, and dozens other journals and magazines. She is the author of two poetry collections, 12023 Woodmont Avenue (Willow Books, 2013) and A Proper Lover (Main Street Rag, 2017). She is a fellow of both Cave Canem and Callaloo Writing Residencies. In 2007, she won the University of Michigan’s Five Under Ten Young Alumni Award. In 2016, she was a finalist for the Rita Dove International Poetry Award. In … Continue reading Adrienne Christian

Ron Torrence

Ron Torrence published his first short story at age 50 and his first poem at age 80. Even so his fiction, non fiction and poetry is pretty widely published. He’s also written five novels and a screen play, all unpublished. Much more to do. His work has appeared in American Writer’s Review, Crack The Spine, The Dirty Goat, Dos Passos Review, Existere Journal, Forge, The MacGuffin, Menda City Review, Nassau Review, riverSedge, Orange Willow Review, Slipstream, Eureka Literary Magazine, Oxalis, Ash, Potent Aphrodisiac, Rockhurst Review, The Tower Journal, Thereby Hangs A Tale, Typo, Sour Grapes, Circuit Traces, RE:AL, Reflections Literary Journal, way station … Continue reading Ron Torrence