How to send in your work


Work will appear in WordPress format online, so poems are displayed in the default verse block style. However, all work, including poetry, will appear in the house style, which may vary between print editions.

All material is, as far as is possible, displayed in the style as submitted.

BUT if you find something wrong, please let me know and I will do all I can to put it right for you.


All work should be your own material and you should own all the rights.

If work is chosen, you grant us permission for single use in one of our magazines, and use in a future anthology selected from work in the online magazines. We also have the permission to read examples of work from the magazine on radio shows, like Lincoln’s Siren Radio, at launches, etc. You retain copyright of your work.

News –

please tell us your news about upcoming events and activities, and events you have attended, and we will feature them in the online issues.


We prefer unpublished work, but will print previously published material (with an acknowledgement of where it has already appeared) that we love. Please also send in a short biography (about 200 words or so) and a good resolution photograph with your submission.

We accept multiple submissions, but please let us know if a piece has been taken elsewhere.

We are open to many styles and approaches, covering different subjects, so please send in to: in a Word file. And please label your file with YOUR name, so I can find it again! At the moment I have a lot of files labelled impspired.

In everything submitted, we are looking for work for which shows care and attention to style,  language and form, and material that has been self-edited so that every word counts.

All work will be read, and a decision on whether or not to include it will be emailed to you – but please be patient.

Poetry – free verse, strict form, prose poems, haiku, concrete poetry  etc. etc. are all appreciated, but strong imagery, careful choice of language and surprises are particularly welcome

Short fiction – again surprise us! In pieces no longer than 4000 words.

Scriptwriting – we are looking for a scene from a play that will stand on its own (with a bit of introduction, and a summary if necessary)

Articles – Between 750 to 2000 words are very welcome on topics of interest to writers. How-to articles, writers’ personal struggles and development, styles of writing, inspirational writers, writing in translation… a cornucopia! We are very open to submissions.

Reviews – Please send reviews of recently published books you have read and enjoyed, 750 – 1250 words, with information on the publisher, ISBN, cost and a clear cover image.

We are also looking for books to review.

Artwork  – We are looking for interesting drawings and illustrations. Although online issues will show colour, the print magazine is in black and white, so please bear this in mind. Landscape illustrations for possible cover use are particularly welcome. – We may find that artwork does not feature in the magazine due to the lack of colour.