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Welcome to impspired!


Urban Mustang by Linnet Phoenix

Can you hear them?
The drums are praying
a beat oceans deep.

– Linnet Phoenix, from the poem, “Moon’s Daughter”

“These poems will stir your soul in ways you didn’t realize were possible. They will challenge your comfortable perspectives on love, loss and the value of calm. They are thought-provoking, sexy, funny and poignant.

Suppose you took everything you love about poetry; superb literary artistry, vivid imagery and clever, thoughtful metaphors – and stuffed that into a boot. And then that boot kicked you in the ass. That is what you will get from “Urban Mustang”.”“Love is a blind dog looking for shade in the desert sun.” – Linnet Phoenix

Ron Conway, Poet

“Linnet Phoenix is a rising literary star whose eloquent, inventive verse comes with a masterful command of brevity in the teasing flirtation of her every metaphor. She guides the reader on literary horseback through her world with vivid, chiseled descriptions and the vibrant heartbeat of her breath-taking humanity. Phoenix has got the kind of spirit that the world needs right now, and may she soar on the back of her mighty steed until the next collection comes along–and I will be first in line to read it.”

-Kevin Ridgeway, author of Too Young to Know (Stubborn Mule Press)

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I am proud to re-introduce myself. I helped to set-up Impspired.com with Shirley Bell in 2019. Whilst she had been dealing with the online magazine I had been preparing for the 1st print anthology. Following the sad news that due to a decline in her health Shirley was not going to be able to continue with the magazine it has fallen to myself to pick up the reigns for the online magazine also, continuing what she had started so well.

I have made contact with many of the wonderful writers who have contributed so far to Impspired and if I haven’t messaged you yet… it’s coming!

I am a Playwright, Poet, Actor and Performer myself so I know the effort that goes into producing the pieces you submit. I will do my best to make sure you get as much back from me as I am able to give.

If you have any work you would like to submit then please email me at: impspired@gmail.com

Send word documents, including a biography (250 words max) and a Photograph of yourself to include with the profile.

I look forward to seeing where impspired can go, and look forward to being in the priviledged position of reading so much great writing, by so many great writers!

Steve Cawte

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Hello and welcome. This is a site for writing and writers, spoken word performers and artists. We are an enthusiastic team, led by Steve Cawte.

This is designed as a platform for writers and artists, where they can find lots of information and news and see the work we have published.

Although we are based in Lincoln UK, and of course we welcome work from local writers, we would like to have an international reach and everyone is welcome to send in their work. Initially, we are publishing the magazine as an e-zine but we also intend to collect the work together and publish it in a print anthology.

You are invited to send in your work to our brand new impspired magazine

There will be a free online magazine published here every two months, we are currently open for submissions to Impspired Magazine Issue 13. However, we are generally in a cycle of reading and looking to fill whatever the next upcoming journal may be.

Every four months we will create a print anthology from the e-zines, so for example the first anthology (Volume One) consisted of the work from impspired magazine issues 1& 2 and will be available on Amazon. The next release will be Volume Six due for release at the end of September and will contain work from issues 11 & 12.

That means 6 online magazines a year and 3 print anthologies!

So please get writing! Submissions can be sent as word files, jpgs for art work, and audio or video clips for performance poetry to impspired@gmail.com where we will look at your work with great interest. For information about what we are looking for please click ….. How to send in your work.

We want poems, stories, scripts, articles, reviews and drawings (which could be selected as cover images) and audio/video clips.

We will also bring all sorts of writing information and news, including how-to features, news about current writers and publishers, as well as keeping you up to date with events – readings, book launches and workshops.

We also welcome your news and information, because impspired also depends on you to keep us up to date.

Follow us on our social media sites: @impspired on Facebook and Instagram and @impspired1 on Twitter.