welcome to impspired

Welcome to impspired!

UPDATE: Issue 1 work has now been reposted, please let me know if anything is missing.
There is now a much simpler menu, so “impspired magazine number 1” clicks to the categories, like “poetry”, “scripts” etc, where the work is listed in scrollable and clickable alphabetical order
– unfortunately I can only organise it by the first letter of the contributor’s name, not surname, however I will see if there is a fix for Issue 2, which might mean listing with the surname first in all the posts in the next issue.


Hello and welcome. This is a site for writing and writers, spoken word performers and artists. We are an enthusiastic team, consisting of Shirley Bell and Steve Cawte. Sadly, Ed Chandler has a new career and he feels he can no longer play a part but we are very grateful for all the time and effort he put in to the site – and for its brilliant name!

This is designed as a platform for writers and artists, where they can find lots of information and news and see the work we have published.

Although we are based in Lincoln UK, and of course we welcome work from local writers, we would like to have an international reach and everyone is welcome to send in their work. Initially, we are publishing the magazine as an e-zine but we also intend to collect the work together and publish it in a print anthology.

You are invited to send in your work to our brand new impspired magazine

There will be a free online magazine published here every two months, so the first issue is impspired magazine 1 September/October. Any submissions of work after the 31st October will be considered for impspired magazine 2.

Every four months we will create a print anthology from the e-zines, so the first anthology will consist of the work from impspired magazine 1 September/October and impspired magazine 2 November/December and will be available on Amazon.

That means 6 online magazines a year and 3 print anthologies!

So please get writing! Submissions can be sent as word files or odt, jpgs for art work, and audio or video clips for performance poetry to impspired@gmail.com where we will look at your work with great interest. For information about what we are looking for please click ….. How to send in your work.

We want poems, stories, scripts, articles, reviews and drawings (which could be selected as cover images) and audio/video clips.

We will also bring all sorts of writing information and news, including how-to features, news about current writers and publishers, as well as keeping you up to date with events – readings, book launches and workshops.

We also welcome your news and information, because impspired also depends on you to keep us up to date.

Follow us on our social media sites: @impspired on Facebook and Instagram and @impspired1 on Twitter.