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Writing to Write

By Ed Chandler

Writing Exercises and Writing Workshops are a great way to write. There are many different approaches to writing and for some just getting started can be difficult, but if you attend a Writers Workshop, then you’re on the path to something, possibly even a novel, book, poem or some other form of completed work.

If you find a good Creative Writing Group or course to go onto in person this is often a better way than doing something online as you’ll get to meet fellow writers in person, some of whom will have written more than others. Don’t be put off by any group or your work, just go along and try it out, after all it’s better than doing nothing.

There are indeed many online resources and as for inspiration, well you’re surrounded by it, at least I know I am. For myself a writers workshop is a great chance to come along and do some writing as well as, if needed, to talk to someone about how I’d get my work looked at and  read by someone I don’t know, so that I get a honest feedback. It is also an opportunity for you meet other writers, get to share ideas and interact with different styles of writing.

One such regular Creative Writing group I go to is Lincoln Creative Writers, which meets every third Sunday of the month at 14:00 at The Victoria Pub on Union Road at the back of Lincoln Castle, opposite The Lawn. This free to attend group is for any writer at any stage of writing to come along and do some writing. They can also  take part in sharing their experience of writing and what they write, either to the to the group or to just one person in the group.

Often the group is led by a host and the host will have a theme or just set random writing task for the group to complete, and after each exercise is done then those in attendance can read out what they have written if they so wish.

Although not what you might think of as a Writers Workshop, these meetings are still a great opportunity to actually do some writing, like at a Writers Workshop where you’d be expected to take part and to focus perhaps on poetry or play writing, but still with a given set of writers exercises to complete and then share or be evaluated upon later.

You can see that writing is what you make of it really and if you’d like to write more – why not find your nearest Writers Workshop or Group.


I was impspired,
Impspired by all I saw,
Impspired by a word
An image
The towers of Lincoln Cathedral
From which the Peregrine
Will fall, into a stoop.
A dive from high
Over Lord Tennyson
A poet like me…
Impspired in the shadows,
Impspired for all,
Impspired by Steve and Shirley,
As we Impspired For all….

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