Finola Scott

My son's pal, another courier, is killed.
He was helpful - advised on safe routes, tied
threads that looped from the Stock Market Bulls
in London's metropolitan maze.
"We arched our cycle pumps over his coffin,
guard of honour".
Not safe at all. He was torn, tangled in money
and speed. My son pulls himself tight
"We spray-painted his outline on the road.
Bright yellow, like the jersey".
The importance of maps
I like to know where I stand
in relation to .. well to what's at my back,
to where my feet are
on shifting sand or hog-backed drumlin?
I like to know where I stand
in relation to that inset box of Shetland,
to quivering ley lines, to disused mines.
How far is the slicing equator?
Where does the polar axis tilt?
I like to know where I stand
in relation to Marmite and anchovy,
to lullabies or pacifiers, to Food banks
and The Great British Bake Off,
to open relationships.
Sat Nav gets you there quickly.
I dawdle on less obvious routes.
I'd  like to know where I stand. Should I prepare
for flash floods or roadblocks?
I'd like to know where I stand
in relation to you after all this time.
Published Algebra of Owls  Jan 2017

Finola Scott’s work can be found on posters, tapestries and postcards. She is widely published with poems in Ink, Sweat and Tears,The Fenland Reed, Lighthouse, New Writing Scotland. She won the Uist Poetry, Dundee Law, The Blue Nib Chapbook competitions and was runner up in the Coast to Coast pamphlet competition. Stanza Festival commissioned a poem for a multi-media installation.Red Squirrel publish her debut pamphlet in October. You can read more on FB Finola Scott Poems.


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