Ruthie Adamson AKA Wonky Wordsmith

Award Winning and published performance poet Ruthie Adamson, AKA Wonky Wordsmith, is wonky because it wasn’t her fate to be straight so she is homosexual and asymmetrical and a wordsmith because she wows with words about those things and other very varied subjects. She is self-taught Liverpudlian literata. Her famous fans include singer-songwriter-playwright-poet Suzanne Vega who describes her as an eloquent natural performer, The Scaffold’s John Gorman who calls her a poetic tour de force and human rights activist Peter Tatchell who gave her post performance praise when she recently opened for him. Scotland’s equivalent of poet laureate Jackie Kay advised her to have faith in her poetic prowess and that faith has propelled her from grassroots gigs to performing for festivals. She recently performed for Chester Pride where her host described her as the Maya Angelo of the queer world. She was recently shortlisted for a performer of the year award but she says her richest reward is when those who jump aboard her rhyming roller coaster rides feel inspired. She is neither famous or infamous herself but she is working on being both so watch this space!

Fabulous video here!

Ruthie is a vibrant and passionate performer. She is also a Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation Award Winner.

Wonky Wordsmith AKA Ruthie Adamson sufferers severely with a debilitating disease which is a life limiting lurgy commonly called ME/CFS. That means everything she does is mentally and physically gruelling but bravely she devotes her life to performing poetry about important issues. Her bravery, amazing altruism and talent were acknowledged and awarded with a Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation Performer/Personality Of The Year award! She vows to use her status as an award-winning performance poet to keep performing poetry about important issues so watch this space!

visit Ruthie’s poetry page here:

Check out the Wonky Wordsmiths latest interview with BBC Merseyside below…


2 thoughts on “Ruthie Adamson AKA Wonky Wordsmith

  1. I played these to my sons. One of them has suffered homophobic bullying. He’s not even had time to decide and he’s labelled. So, playing him these poems I could see him quietly looking at his phone but an expression looking a bit like validation and realisation that it’s ok to be whoever he is, seemed to turn his eyes idea-wise. Thank you. The hate has to stop.

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