Face Value by Ruthie Adamson AKA Wonky Wordsmith – On World Mental Health Day 10/10/2019

On World Mental Health Day I give you my mental health-themed performance poem Face Value (Rhymes in capital letters for ease of reading)…

Face Value by Ruthie Adamson AKA Wonky Wordsmith

By poetic proclamation I hereby CONFESS
my mental DISTRESS
so it is no longer an ENIGMA.
I defy disablist PLATITUDES
of the ableist ATTITUDES
of society’s STIGMA!
This poem personifies in face FORM
felonious factors which blew my mind making a cerebral STORM.
Take a poetic PEAK
at the UNIQUE
of cruel CREATURES
created for this poetry PLATFORM.
The first face has a glazed gaze and to my SURPRISE
it has lifeless-looking marbles for EYES.
The same much-missed marbles I LOST
at great COST
to my SANITY
and thus we SEE
depression’s DISGUISE.
I look in to the eyes of face number TWO
but blindly they DO
not look BACK
and see only BLACK.
this is the face of the blind panic of an anxiety ATTACK.
Face number THREE
is no stranger to ME
and the daggers it’s eyes give are no longer cause for ALARM
Because I will not CHOOSE
to self-ABUSE
for I no longer fall for the CHARM
of the face of SELF-HARM.
Face number FOUR
is one I have seen BEFORE
and its lying EYES
are in the GUISE
of Cockney rhyming slang’s porky PIES.
I won’t be REPEATING
deceit fed to ME
with calorific CRUELTY
by binge eating disorder’s LIES.
Face number FIVE
almost stopped me from being ALIVE
its eyes are coin-COVERED.
I tried to kill myself and nearly DIED
due to the fatal face of SUICIDE
Face number SIX
is full of toxic TRICKS
and gives me the evil EYE
when to protect my mental health I tell it, “GOODBYE!”
It’s the face of poisonous people now HIGH
and DRY
as their wicked ways I disempoweringly DECRY.
This poem’s penultimate face has a beautifully bald pate and trichotillomania is the name of my sparse scalp’s STORY
Because being in DESPAIR
I used to compulsively pull out my HAIR
however I’m no less proud of my quirky crowning GLORY.
There’s a final face I almost omitted to MENTION
because my ATTENTION’s
ability is out of ORDER.
It has eyes which can’t hold a GAZE
due to mental MALAISE
commonly called attention deficit DISORDER.
At face value those face FOES
to harm my mental health appear to BE
all about NEGATIVITY
But beyond face value they are TREASURE
beyond MEASURE
because in ME
they provoke POSITIVITY
Because although I have been mentally DISTRESSED
and I can ATTEST
mental MALADY
can BE
Bearing woes’ weights makes my mind’s muscles MIGHTY
which creates stoicism in ME.
So no matter what challenges my mental health and I ENDURE
one thing for SURE
is that LIFELONG
The things which do my mental health and I WRONG
will also mainly make me…


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