Kopuri S – Dr. Sreekanth Kopuri

 The Last Birthday 
pain balloons
like a candle flame
his lips flicker
and trickle a prayer
down the eyes
silent last birthday rose
needling like a thorn in his
sagged balloon-like flesh
caked with a culture
in his temple
a geriatric
ward, off
like in isolation
in senility
a mobile of
unanswered calls
sad smile
in the sun’s face
fading away
like evening light
a last wish
A Lie
woven with the void of
years in the African sands,
borrowed from the
life’s incomplete pages
sits in secure flat seated chair
bought from the supermarket
as a highest bidder at a secret
safe government auction
the natural defensive uproar adorned
in showy kinesics, entreats for scraps
of learning from another that
proclaims the biography of  its own
blunder written with the stolen letters
from the pages of a ruined history
it picks up the leaves and windfalls
spilled under growing trees in the
government orchard with more lies
that socialize a life whose belly
bulges with the voracity for wealth
Paper Boats
dreams spilled
down to earth
from the truth but
carry their own
dream scripts
that blot out in the
truth’s endless streams
unfolding it which
the earth returns us
to its verdict



Dr.Sreekanth Kopuri is an Indian English Poet from Machilipatnam, India. His poems were published in various literary Journals in India and abroad. He presented his research papers and recited his poetry in many reputed universities like Oxford University United Kingdom, Wilkes University USA, John Hopkins University USA, Henrich Heine University Germany, University of Caen France, Banja Luka University Bosnia and Herezegovina, University of Gdanski Poland and others. He was the reciepient of Dr. J.K. International Award for 2014, from India for his achievements in poetry. Sreekanth Kopuri is presently a professor of English, Lives in Machilipatnam dividing his time between teaching and creative writing.


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