Gardener S E – Shannon Elizabeth Gardner


I enjoy stippling to render bones. The use of dots imitates the look of nature, implying crisp texture and impression of depth. The use of dots creates the illusion of a technical drawing and imitates change through time. The compilation of dots imitate the look and feel of the natural world. I practice the Asian technique of Wabi Sabi; the aesthetic within imperfections. I strive to explore the unearthed wonders and imitate natural imperfections. The use of watercolor and India Ink are spontaneous and create beauty within imperfections while crafting an earthy grunge appearance. Together they create an ominous burnt feeling that attributes to the beauty of the worn aesthetic. 

Shannon Elizabeth Gardner is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a Bachelors in Studio Art and a Minor in Art History. Her interest in horror and the macabre came about while exploring nature and the paranormal. The work explores the natural and organic process of death, evoking empathy for decay. She believes life is beautiful when left to fate, leaving art to chance assists the viewer to witness beauty hidden within imperfections. Her process discovers the earth’s imperfect beauty. The ethereal mood of her work reaches the extreme and address the taboo.


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