Jatzek G – Gerald Jatzek


 Man had an eye
 disease from staring at the cross.
 Man had a heart
 disease from making other men
 stare at the cross.
 Man had a voice
 like bells that flew to rome,
 called the troops
 to wash his gouty hands
 in duty.


 It's cheetahs runnig
 on a razor’s edge.
 It's ocean trees
 on barbed wire island.
 It's fragrant clouds
 behind a poison tank.
 Let's say at seven
 at the coffee shop.
 Let’s hope the cheetahs will be there.

 to be a concrete man
 to be a hero
 to wait for the statue opposite
 to crumble
 to concentrate on the shape
 of things to pass
 to rat on music
 to wait for the fall
 Gerald Jatzek 

 Gerald Jatzek is a poet and musician from Vienna, Austria,
 who writes in German and English. He published books for 
children and adults, short stories, plays for radio and 
essays. 2001 he got the Austrian State Prize for Children’s
 Poetry. His books have been translated into Korean and 
Turkish, his poems have appeared in anthologies and literature
 papers in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, 
Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Netherlands and the
 He runs a facebook page on poetry in several languages at 
https://www.facebook.com/jatzekpoesie/ . 

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