Ruby Read

Ruby Read is a New England writer that has only recently pursued her passions for literature. After a decade of working as a manufacturing engineer for a cytometry company, she is diving head first into the world of poetry. Ruby Read is a refreshing new voice, that speaks with a bluntness towards the realities of the status quo.

One Night

If I've done all I can do
And I still can't be with you
Should suicide ensue?
I'm far too dramatic
In the emphatic words I say
Its emblematic of static
In the songs that we play
Why must it always
End in cliche
Am I not more than this?
Am I such a bore to kiss
That you would be remiss to miss me?
Am I nothing more than this?
A blister from your bliss
A bluster
To fluster your flight
Am I nothing more than this?
Am I only worth one night?

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