An Accident of Blood

‘An Accident of Blood’ by Charlie Brice

WordTech Editions May 2019

An Accident of Blood is not a book of poetry, well it is, but this is something far more. I have often said that good writing is getting the right words in the right order. Good poetry is putting the best words in the best order. This is not only the best words but the poems themselves are organised and arranged in such a way that it becomes more of a memoir, each poem telling the story a little more, each time a little fuller than before. Characters come and go, and we are left with the details of a life lived.

Published by WordTech Editions in 2019, An Accident of Blood tells a story so personal, yet does it in a way that we can all find at least a little of ourselves in there. Family, friends, love and loss mixed generously with the doubts and insecurities that make us all human. It is further proof that who we are today is a direct result of our tendrils that stretch back touching our own past.

Charlie Brice writes with clarity and openness about the tragedy of losing those around him. This is expressed with sincerity and poise, whilst in no way diminishing the emotion that obviously drives a writer to choose to capture these moments.

Clearly Charlie Brice is a connoisseur of more than just words, with several pieces inspired by works of visual art, in which he captures something unique and original.

The book moves into a final phase, and possibly my favourite moment. The culmination of the man we see born at the opening of the book, the conscientious objector who has suffered so much loss does what all poets try to do and holds a mirror up to their world. The reflection that he sees coming back is not one he relishes. The words both satirical, entertaining and biting all in one breath.

I highly recommend this for anyone who loves poetry. It is well written, well-structured and unlike a lot of ramblings and musings of contemporary poets, it really does have something to say.

By Steve Cawte

You can find the book to purchase here


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