Dinner in the Fields by Attracta Fahy

Published by Fly on the Wall Press 2020

Dinner in the Fields by Attract Fahy is launched today (13/3/2020) follow this link to order your copy – https://www.flyonthewallpoetry.co.uk/product-page/dinner-in-the-fields-by-attracta-fahy

If this book was to dance you would without doubt see the tightened sinews of a graceful mover, the years of training and precision abundantly clear. As you watched this dancer flow across the floor effortlessly telling their story you’d see the strength that can be made from something as soft as silk. But if you looked just a little closer, took your gaze from off the beauty and the craft there is a deep sense of sadness behind those eyes. It is through these eyes that Attracta Fahy is not afraid to lay bare the raw emotions, being both open and unapologetic in doing so.

Attracta Fahy has produced a masterpiece. Each poem a gem, a story told with eloquence and poise. Dinner in the Fields expresses not only an overwhelming sense of what it is to be human but what it has always been to be human. Beautifully set it is as much a joy for the eye as the ear.  Pieces such as ‘Wintering Swan’ a great example of concrete poetry, the words themselves the migrating birds flying from the page. The highlight of the book personally comes in it’s opening piece, ‘The Woman In Waterside house’ the tragedy of a woman’s lifetime of abuse captured so completely in four stanzas.

Dinner in the Fields contains twenty-five pieces that keep on giving, each time I re-read them there is more than I took from them before. The sort of book that makes a reader’s day and other writers envious. Published by Fly on the Wall Press it has an excellent cover design by Isabelle Kenyon. The image used is a piece created by the writer herself. Dinner in the Fields is truly a complete work of art in every sense.

By Steve Cawte


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