Amy Wyatt

Amy Louise Wyatt is a poet from Bangor, Northern Ireland.  Her work is published in a range of Irish and international journals.  Amy was shortlisted for both the Seamus Heaney Award 2018 and The Dempsey and Windle National Poetry Day Competition 2019.  She was a finalist in The National Funeral Services Poetry Competition in 2017; and was nominated for 2019 Best of Net.  Amy won the inaugural Poetrygram Prize in 2019.  She is the founding editor of The Bangor Literary Journal. Her debut poetry pamphlet ‘A Language I Understand’ is forthcoming in 2020 with Indigo Dreams.

The Curator

She started with nothing –
not even blackness,
there were no colours and no concepts.
The universe had forgotten, and nothing
would spark her into recollection.
Rubbing her edges on emptiness
she held her breath – at once blew
an ever-ballooning cosmos
hotwired into endless birth.
Tonight, look up at her sky— it is full of pearls
and in the depth of her seas
stars kiss gold-winged fish.
Planets make rough love to their moons
and there is blackness now:
there are colours and concepts –
unredacted stars;
there are paintings hanging on the walls of her mansion.

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