Damien Carroll

Damien Carroll is a child of Dublin. As he was born in February his horoscope suggests that he is honest and known for being one of a kind. That line says everything about Damien, never believe in your horoscope.

Damien has been writing poetry for about 3 years and recently become a member of the Dublin Writer’s Forum in Dublin to share his work and be guided by the wisdom of the group.

He likes to keep fit by talking a lot and is mostly found trying to generate a smile, like his profile pic.

You sold me a Pup

                                     to me
my golden voice,
my flawless skin,
my dancing legs
that graced the halls.
                                     to me 
my childhood days,
the friends I've lost.
their names erased,
like broken dolls.
                                     to me
my positive view
of journeyed time
from birth to death.
                                     to me
my gentle heart,
my precious mind,
that withers, agonises,
years before
my final breath.
Life,                                you are a misnomer,
you are that lover
whose gaze remains
on younger brides.
Life,                             you are a fraud,
you stayed on the beach
while I went out with the freezing tides.

Life,                                your singular focus
the spring of youth.
no real interest
in the winter lives
of declining fruit. 
Life,                                 I remember,
 I remember the years I was
so in love with you.
Life,                             you are
the Great Deceiver                    

Heart Stopping Days

I was reborn at your birth
I wrote poetry with your first words
I knew happiness when you smiled
I bought towels for your fresh tears
I felt so alone when we argued
I stretched for you before you danced
I turned up the volume when you sang
I felt inept at your teenage upsets
I took the blame when you lost
I raised you high when you won
I understood love when you laughed
I rejoiced with you when you married
I was reborn again as a Grandad
My world crashed the day you phoned
My prayers begged God to remove your pain
My legs collapsed each time you cried
My view of courage changed with your bravery
My eyes stayed open by your bedside
My life meant nothing without family
My heart stopped the day you died

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