Michael Griffiths

Michael A. Griffith teaches at Raritan Valley and Mercer County Community Colleges in central NJ. He is the author of three chapbooks of poetry, Bloodline, Exposed, and New Paths to Eden (forthcoming). Recent works appear in Ariel Chart, Impspired, Miletus Literature Review, Pangolin Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, and The Lake. Mike lives near Princeton, NJ.



Morning light streams gold
through bare birch branches
and coffee brew steam fills
my rich warm kitchen.
Out my window birds flash through the birches:
red, grey-brown, blue.
First spring grubs and seeds are breakfast for them
as I turn away, cracking two eggs
to make breakfast for me.


Snow falls.
Late geese fly and call to their flock mates.
The sky and snow are one white,
one cold, one field.
Across my sight, a ghostly cat pads a straight line.
Stopping, it meets my eyes, is still, so still,
as snow seems to pass through it.
It lowers its face then marches on in the cold
to a place only it knows.

Losing Vision

eyes go
dark as my
heart grows cold as
my mind goes to pieces over my fate.
I can blame others, I can blame myself,
I can blame God
but all this
blame is

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