Scott Coe

Scott Coe is a performance poet and artist currently based in Peterborough. He believes poetry should always be written from the heart – it’s all about feeling and is always at it’s best when written in the moment, when the thoughts run straight from your soul to the pen.

He began writing, not as a poet, but as a lyricist, citing the likes of Noel Gallagher, Guy Chambers, Lennon and McCartney, and Bob Dylan as primary influences. In terms of Poetry he recalls being influenced by Wordsworth and Shakespeare’s sonnets. Recently he’s been spending more time discovering works by other more established poets. In particular he’s been drawn to the likes of Rupert Brooke, Lord Byron and R.S Thomas.

Dawn’s Kiss

The moist grass
From dawn mist
My lips parch
For your kiss
The air bright
With dawn song
For your eyes
Will I long
The world stirs
From dawn's touch
My heart yearns
For love such
The moist grass
From dawn mist
My lips part
From your kiss.


Wearing the fragrance of last night's dinner
Upon your jumper
Perfume of India and the Orient
Of empire's plunder
Bathed in decadence of finest ginger
Upon your soft skin
Consumed of riches given up for lent
The flavour of sin
Masking radiance of last night's lover
When you were consumed
Too soon into sin, the saffron all spent
Your flower bloomed.


Since I was a child
You watched over me
Through time and tide
On land and sea
To keep me safe
In the dead of night
My guardian soul
And guiding light
I'm now a man
And you're still there
Watching my life
Outside my air
I feel your touch
Through tides on a beach
And you feel ours
Through Apollo's reach
Every child before
And all those since
From the lonely orphan
To the richest prince
Has glazed at you
With all they feel
And wished on the stars
They could touch you like Neil
Older and wiser
Than I'll ever be
Held in the bosom
Of Earth's gravity
You're always there
Forever my friend
From my beginning
Until my end.

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