James Lang

James Lang has been making art since the early 80’s. His main interest is in sculpture and he specialised in bronze and ceramics early on. (He did an MFA art program at Pratt University under Licio Isolani.) Lang has combined his studies in literature with his art and enjoys writing witty vignettes about the sculpture that he personifies.

Find more of James’ work at jlangart.com

The Country is in a Crouch

(Title taken from an article by Maureen Dowd.)

The country is in a crouch
It could be that I'm slouching on my couch
Masking and unmasking myself
Inflating and deflating my
Inner tube because
Under confinement  and
Drowning with love for my brothers and sisters
My tubeless bicycle needs to stay safe.
Still, the country is in a crouch
It could be we shall spring out of our pouch
My tiger-striped cat will take a broker's leap
Up the tree and
Stock options will flutter despite
Covid's glee.
I think of bubbles when
I am in a crouch
From Alka Seltzer to Champagne
All is good for the ouch
I had a dream of being tested
100 million times
And each test requested
To guess how depressed my tongue could chime!
Today, I gawked at a Sheriff who
Fired his pistol at the opening of a restaurant
And I gawked at my hairdresser who
Was drinking liquid crystal at a clip
So I turned on the tube to listen to Dr. Fauci
Offering words of immunization
As he tried not to be grouchy.

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