Marko Antić

Born on October  11. 1980 in Paraćin, Serbia.  Underground poet and writer.  Published in a fanzine “Green Horse”, Serbian and regional poetry anthologies.


We are at the concert.
We sit. We drink.
Fight broke out. Close by.
The skinheads, metalheads, punks.

Local madman approach us.
He speaks to me:
"I saw the devil, damn !
I saw hiiiim !!! "

"O really? I saw him also, yesterday,
when I watched
TV news. "

We give him a beer.
He's leaving.
We are all lacking so little love
a couple steps toward each other
just a few steps
but it's not happening
and eventually the devil comes

He does nothing special
He's only filling
The void.


First, I have to love you
Childishly, astonishingly and all the way
There's no cheating and no need for that
Then I cuddle you for a long, long time, tightly
‘Till it clinck
Then I shake You like a chocolate milk-shake
A little up and down, a little left-right
Nailed You to the wall with my body
Sniff You, sniff your hair
My lips on your ears, forehead, face
We are all a bit like animals
Re-embrace You again, clinck You, shake You,
Kiss and hold You
I don’t let go
Until it boil

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