Collected Plays of Gary Beck Volume I

Collected Plays of Gary Beck Volume I

ISBN: 9390202124

 This collection of plays starts off strong. Not only strong but highly relevant to the conversations happening all over the world right now. Race. It’s always been a little taboo, an avoided conversation. The proverbial elephant in the room. What Gary Beck does with skill is distill all of the idea, ideals and social stigmas down to the real lives of four differing characters from two diametrically opposed families. The plot evolves nicely allowing perspectives to be explored and a real sense of togetherness to be found.

The stories keep on coming. The characters helping to delve into the social issues affecting our times. Interestingly, and sadly the settings of these plays could be adapted in terms of when they were set to almost any point in the past 30 years and they would still stand up as believable. A sad reflection on our ‘civilised society’. Containing four well crafted plays this is well worth a read.

Published by Cyberwit Publishing a copy can be purchased from here


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