Manasi Diwakar

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology. I spent the last twelve years working as a Technical Lead until I gave in to my true calling- writing romance novels, poems, and short fiction. You can find a few at I also write at At present, I am working as a Volunteer Editor for a literary journal- Wingless Dreamer.

The Napkin is My Bay-pass

lounging in the chair, 
he keeps repeating
slowly, exhaustively, 
as if I am slow
I don’t blame him, 
the deadline was yesterday
and it does sound gibberish
plus, my mind is eating grass, 
for the pain doesn’t ease
on the second day of reckoning
tap is leaking, 
for the last fifteen
if only I could change, 
I can excuse myself, 
no, he will give me the boot
so I will sit silently, 
flapping in my mind 
waiting for the red to show, 
on the two wrong cheeks
any minute, 
the stench will snake up
up up up
it will hit the AC
I can see it in my mind
it will cover the bay, then the floor,
like the Chanel, he is wearing
or is it the Dior today 
Can I empty a bucket of cold water over him?
Please, please. Please. 
that really helps
thinking of cold. And water. Over him.
then he would cut-out, 
just like my brain 
which is busy loosening the first,
the second,
and the freaking third button
of these fancy pants
-letting the thum thum thum
of the throbbing, 
dancing a duet with my pulse,


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