Angelina Der Arakelian

My name is Angelina Der Arakelian and I am a writer and poet. I will be going to University to study Film and English come September. Aspiring to be an author, I spend my spare time writing fiction and poetry which typically contain themes ranging from love to loneliness and prejudice. What motivates me is the state of the world we live in and the means through which art and literature can be used to create a powerful and positive impact on society. There is always something to be inspired from and apply within the fields of art. 


Infinite amounts of definitions could not depict
The extent to which a structured norm
Is measured
Blindness adjoins clarity, while sight provokes vanity
It is an aspect unhindered, lacking certainty
A single word yet so many portraits
Drawn on the canvas of our linked pathways
If you ask me about beauty, don’t
For my lips would quiver nonsense to you, to me
The mass of the universe that surrounds our whole being
The endless rows of glittering stars that speak to our vulnerable eyes
Or perhaps, the raging force of life that springs from within us
If you ask me about beauty, don’t
Because you would have to look at yourselves to see
The beaming smiles corresponding with velvet risings of cheeks
The abundance of glistening tears that have embodied those very same
And even, the flashing spark of joy which invites a feeling of utter content
If you ask me about beauty, don’t
Otherwise there would be an influx of sentiments towards
The prettiness of colored nature, steadiness of height- breaking hills
The calmness of the bare sound of waves crashing into an advocacy for peace
The building blocks of surroundings that determine you and me
So if you ever want to ask me about beauty,
Bare the consequences in mind
Just the elaborate thought of such a question
Could raise a plethora of reasonings

A room with a view

She offered him the key to her door, locked
It may have been, that she reserved her heart
For a special night, holding her was him, immersed
In her gracious gown, setting their bodies apart
Sights of their entrapment were conceived, clearly
A bottle of champagne’s mouth he only hopes won’t betray him
Communion received, minds for a long time ready
In a heartbeat is what he remembers, her gown sank deeply
He craved not the beauty, but the light shining from her
Chest, golden rays of comfort embracing him wholly
Calling him home was her heavenly symphony, praised
Was her name embodying his definition of royalty
If white satin comprised of vision, their night left
Traces of climaxing exhibition, dug beneath sheets untamed
A room with a view he had indeed reserved
She did not fail to provide him with the key now mastered

Sky’s tears

Their faces are coated in pictures vague
Recounting skins sharing days with screens
Trembling in the sky, they offer a peek unique
Drops that drip down a lake lured in deceit
Their hands are filled with a lack of presence
In many a time, where they appear less, yet
Encouraging the sun to share warmth with us
When waterfall is busy healing wounds of fuss
Our tears gather their infrequent surprises
We welcome them, freezing temporary sights
Unraveling before the distant Pacific, bodies
Shades that consume the shadows of pursuits 
The Atlantic may envy the warmth radiated
We dry our cheeks, marveling the Caribbean
Exposing its happy dance, even the Black Sea
Oceans whose borders are eventually blended

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