Jennifer Fytelson O’Brien

Jennifer Fytelson O’Brien is a freelance writer currently based in Los Angeles who is known for her insightful poetry. With over a decade of poetry writing, Jennifer has a unique voice that shines through her collection and speaks to her readers.  Jennifer has an MA in Creative Writing from The Lincoln University. Jennifer’s work has appeared in numerous outlets such as The Blue Nib, The Borgen Project and Canada’s oldest literary magazine, The Mitre. She currently writes for the number one TV site, Screen Rant. Jennifer also enjoys keeping up to date with her personal blog, and encourages you to visit! When Jennifer is not writing she enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and playing with her dog. 

Call of the Siren

It is a beautiful thing to let thoughts of your past go. But some memories never leave your bones.

Maybe we will meet again. When I am me and you are you. It may be perfect. But, for now this is the end of our road. My chaotic heart must leave you behind

I have lost the person I used to be while trying to become the woman I am. A damaged heart is dangerous because we know how to survive, you and I.

You once told me I was a mess of vibrant life and chaos. I bide my time between the current and tides. Well, the sea is calling, and I must say goodbye. Nothing will ever change so much that we are no longer friends, you and I.


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