Danny Best

Danny is a retired Professional Cook and Truck Driver (5 state area) and is currently working on creating an entirely new career for himself as a Poet/Writer & Actor (having portrayed an auto shop owner/mechanic in the short film “Your Carriage Awaits” and is slated to portray the character of Randall Sutto in the up coming production of the “Cracked Mirrors” Episode/s).

            Danny considers poetry a wonderful opportunity for him to communicate and connect with all kindred souls in a more personal manner to share some good old “practial food for thought” while also encouraging readers to journey beyond their own comfort zones and explore other subject matter, thoughts and things.

            In his words;  I usually write from various memories of my own life lessons and experiences and whatever dream remnants I might gather from amongst the disheveled peaks and valleys of my somewhat threadbare cotton pillow cases.

My Beautiful Dream

Mon Beau Reve
you held me there in the pout of your stare
somewhat bewildered, hopeful and wanting
effectively piercing my heart of hearts
with your impromptu special something
drawing me into the playful babble
of your evocative mischievous banter
tenderly retooling my bad-boy persona
to the cadence of my own sweet surrender
puckishly flashing that rosy-pink blush
just slightly below your pixie dust halo
winning over my every expectation
amid the quiet calm of your wispy afterglow
charming away my any resistance
with your compelling quirky smile
flaunting that impromptu special something
in your own sassy, sensual style
baby you are the cream de la crème
mon beau reve
my beautiful dream

An American Soldier

he was drained and shaken from what
he'd at first thought was a dream
replete with grave sorrow and dread
stunned by the blast of an exploding light
followed by shadowy images that bled
a low-pitched hum of predatory horse flies
hailed from either side of his drooping head
bussing their way along the fold of his ears
telling him to go where all the fallen have fled
he was determined to send out a warning
knowing full well it may never be read
having been put down in a scorched field of ruin
where only the elite of the dark side now tread
he did wonder
how come everything was moving so slow
and why wasn’t he able to just get-up instead
and there was that
ethereal-like chiming of harp strings
encouraging him to acknowledge
and admit
he’d been shot and was dying
and that soon he’d be dead
the horrendous burning in the pit of his stomach
from a well defined pattern of hot spattered lead
had finally caused him to realize
now he'll never get the chance
to say all of those things
that he wished he had said
An American Soldier


our tears
don’t merely cleanse our eyes
they help to purge our souls
our pain is our own
in the wake of every initial shock wave
from every jolt that life delivers
we immediately seek to adjust the volume
we strive to negotiate a level of degree
to which we feel we might be able to
cope with and live with
I emphatically believe that
we did not come here
to just knuckle under and surrender
when we find ourselves under attack
but to instead
face our attackers boldly
tenaciously fighting back
so please
rekindle that sacred spark from within
and ignite your personal courageous
to stand your ground again

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