They Lit Fires: lenti hatch o yog

They Lit Fires: lenti hatch o yog

By Raine Geoghegan

‘They Lit Fires: lenti hatch o yog’ by Raine Geoghegan is a fantastic glimpse into the ever-dwindling Roma way of life. A rich culture that has been much maligned in the press over recent years. What this book shows is the rich depth of language and the incredibly strong family bonds.

The pamphlet is as much a window to an often-misunderstood world as it is a memoire. Reflections of beautiful stories about a grandmother and her passion for song highlighting the love expressed between them.

Each piece a beautiful classic vignette of Roma life. Written using a tone and style that evokes the dialect and language of its people. Don’t however allow that to put off the non-Romany speakers. Raine Geoghegan adds translations and explanation to her expertly crafted tales allowing the linguistic laymen amongst us to keep up… maybe even learn something.

I would fully recommend reading the pamphlet, it is available from


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