Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton splits his time between Bozeman, Montana and Buckeye, Arizona. His volume of poems, Simple Arithmetic and Other Artifices, was published in 2015. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in various magazines and anthologies including, most recently, Muddy River Poetry Review, Mason Street Review, The Lake (UK), Main Street Rag, Better Than Starbucks, Nixes Mate Review, Grey Sparrow Journal, and Blue Unicorn. For many years he was Dean of Libraries at Montana State University


There is no truth in a lie
If the truth be told
There is no lie like the truth
If the truth be sold
The truth may become a lie
If the truth be old

Everything Is

I am in awe
Of how awesome
Everything is.
And I wonder
At how wonderful
Everything is.
I am, of course, amazed
At how amazing
Everything is.
Irregardless is just so
Wrong, however irrespective
Everything is.
I fantasize
About how fantastic
Everything is.
It is unbelievable
How unbelievable
Everything is.
It is actually incredible
Just how incredible
Everything is.
And, yes, it is just super
How ever so superficial
Everything is.

White Horses

Mary is long since gone
And so, too, the white horses
That survived her, grazing,
Their licorice lips sipping
Sweet spring grass as if
Their moment was eternal.
In my memory they are still
Life that endures, present
In the pasture that now
Will soon corral a subdivision
Of white houses with licorice
Driveways and faux barn garages.

One thought on “Bruce Morton

  1. I find White Horses so appropriate for how things we love,
    the nature, that is leaving our own spaces. The deer can’t find their home anymore.
    A stand of trees that was relished leading to our own “development” was cleared this summer to build 20 more “homes”.
    This development has been here since the sixties. My neighbor was the first one on the street since the early sixties. The house we live in was built then also but renovated in the 2014-15.


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