Gordon Ferris

Gordon Ferris is a Ballyshannon writer, originally from Dublin.  He has had short stories and poetry in A New Ulster, Hidden Channel ezine, The Galway Review and Impspired Magazine.

Solid in space.

Random words
Random images
Words in images
Solid in space.
Am I awake
Am I asleep
Awake in sleep
Solid in space
Are you alive
Are you deceased
Living in death
Solid in space.

Lost dream.

we are 
unable to 
rewind and 
pause our dreams 
as we do when watching a movie
It would eliminate that moment 
we wake from a deep sleep 
when we are eager 
to get back into 
our lost dream, 
but can't. 


Discovered from listening 
to poets read their work,  
I'm allowed to talk to myself
After I listen to these poets
I can loosen the restraints 
on my own efforts  
and know the words 
I'm allowed to use, 
I can sing
a song of myself.

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