Henry Bladon

Henry is a writer, poet and mental health essayist based in Somerset in the UK. He has a PhD in literature and creative writing from the University of Birmingham. His poetic novella, ‘Notes from the State of OMNESIA’ was published by Impspired Press.

Insuperable Conversations with Themselves

The philosophers are huddled under a shelter around a vanilla-scented candle while simultaneously eating chocolate Bourbon biscuits (so named after the House of Bourbon, French in origin, a branch of the Capetian dynasty).

Philosopher 1 has been described as having a double-breasted ego.

Philosopher 2 would like to speak in poetic sequences, but rarely succeeds.

Philosopher 1 Announces that he has been accepted as Head of Global Misery.

Philosopher 2 bites another Bourbon biscuit and mutters approval.

Philosopher 1 Declares that he is sick of deconstructing text from language.

Philosopher 2 Wonders whether Philosopher 1 has got that sentence round the wrong way.

Philosopher 1 States that his marriage is best summed up by the title of the BB King track.

Philosopher 2 Asks Philosopher 1 to be more specific.

Philosopher 1 Clarifies (smugly) that he is referring to The Thrill is Gone.

Philosopher 2 Doesn’t verbalise the thought that, sometimes, listening to Philosopher 1 is like taking a 300-mile trek through his own mind. He will later present this as evidence of his ability to talk in poetic form.

After a pause Philosopher 1 Asks Philosopher 2 if he thinks Proust ever found his lost time.

Philosopher 2 tells Philosopher 1 to stop being absurd. He adds, ‘Or just stop being.’


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