Linnet Pheonix

Linnet Phoenix is a poet who lives in North Somerset, England. She has been writing poetry for years. Her work has previously been published in Impspired, Punk Noir Magazine, Raven Cage Zine and Open Skies Quarterly. She also enjoys horse-riding.

Cursive Kisses

I listen to the night breeze
for it tells tales of you.
Whispering sweet words
so low I cannot hear
which fae story is told.
I place favour on paper.
Black ink that sinks soft
in grains. A perfume lingers.
Cursive kisses blown,
fingertip touches the void
feeling hair tendrils
with soft twist, a wistful
smile of darkened eyes.
The morning sun may lie
swathed in night clouds
as the blackbird sings
a song of days evermore.


Evergreen it holds
leaves fast as winter winds
tear and rip,
heart shaped shaking,
waiting for spring warmth.
This thing evolves,
transcends magnolia blush
buds of lust past,
blooms of compassion violet.
This bruise of beauty
rooted deep inside.

The Crickets

Tonight is for you.
You of the honey sweetened
sipping whiskey tone.
Who owns Southern in ways
I could never be born.
The crickets are performing
a serenade in your honour.
Wind chimes playing percussion
while pets and possum pine.
I would raise my glass to you
but I am laid sick inside.
I would offer my heart,
bruised, battered, but running.
I would share its secrets,
let your blood wash away pain.
Feel the pure love pumping
a smooth steam-train powered.
If we could sit on your porch
drinking iced tea with lemon
with peach juice dripping off chins
you could chide me
for never finishing what we began.
But you would hug hard,
laugh like tomorrow was certain,
telling me that love will come.

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