Vaidehi Soni

Vaidehi Soni is a teacher by profession. She heads the Primary section of a renowned educational institution in India. She is an amateur poet and painter. Her poem was recently published in issue 6 of Impspired.

A Lone Traveller-

A Lone Woman Traveller...
Bare Of All Her Belongings...
With Baggage Full Of
Hope …
Questioning Her Own Want...
To Be Free..
To Shrug Away Her Worries ...                                                                      
Worries of Stares,
Of Ogling Eyes,
Of Askance Glances...
If She Crosses All
The Barriers
Barriers Unseen , Invisible
Stronger than
 The Walls Of Stone                                                                           
Hurting More Than
The Barrier Of Thorns ...
She Is All A Free Soul
The Soul Lighter Than
A Feather…
Feeling Like A Phoenix ...
Rising From The Ashes
Of Her Burnt

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