Ruby Read

Ruby Read is a New England writer that has only recently pursued her passions for literature. After a decade of working as a manufacturing engineer for a cytometry company, she is diving head first into the world of poetry. Ruby Read is a refreshing new voice, that speaks with a bluntness towards the realities of the status quo.

Belles Behest

I wake to clanging bells behest
and rush to places I detest
I pour my roaring youth away
entrapped in "no" from yesterday
to know thyself is just a con
I knew her once and now she's gone
the same paths as the day before
I walk today and feel unsure

Manic Kin

I sought to find a better way to say
what plagued my mind and dragged my health astray
yet far away my thoughts have all resigned
such ill defined confines that mar their stay
there is no hope that one can beat the grind
for dreams elope and quickly fall behind
the mice are blind to emphasize the trope
we know the slope yet feel so uninclined 
we can't begin for fear of changing scope
we bare and grin and tighten off the rope
we rape and grope and saunter in our sin
we sit and spin and caution how to cope
in disarray we scream above the din
how unrefined we all are from within
what microscope could sanctify this skin
my manic kin we are but mannequin 

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