Chrisitne E. Paige

I believe that poetry is the most fascinating way to express your thoughts that then, can bring meaning and cause others to identify their thoughts about a subject.  Sensitive poetry awakens you. It leads you to agree or disagree, makes you feel happy or sad, arouse your sense of compassion and empathy.  It can also be shocking and enraging.  It’s amazing what word play can do!

My main goal in life is to bring about awareness when I write.  I also love sharing words to entertain others in print. 

I am an elementary teacher by trade.  I teach fourth grade distance learning.  This is my 24th year teaching.  In my spare time, I love to read and write poetry.  I have presented at spoken word events and hosted my own spoken word events at Spirited Soul Poetry.  I love to listen to world music, live and recorded, play billiards and bowl.  For exercise, I mostly like to take Pilates, walk and ride my bike near the mountains.  Lastly, I feel that this is the perfect time to be me.

I Live To Tell

I live to tell
You may beat me
You shoot to kill me behind my back
You show me your fear
Your body cam is not worn to protect me
It is there to show your (determine) to desecrate me
I live to tell
As you unreasonably question my worth and browbeat my mind
Try to change it into a false belief about who am I
You make me strong as I have turned my cheek
I know my worth
I never give up,
I matter
You portray me as a villain
I live to tell my story different
Since the camera never lies, I will see you, you will hear me
Hear the sound of my last breath
As your choke hold gripped me with your vicious hands
May it never ever leave you
This soul lives to tell
I represent just us
A portrait of color remains
I will not shift backwards
I will reach the finish line
I live to tell
Watch me, I live to tell
I will march, I will protest in peace and solidarity
I will hold vigils, I will stand, I will kneel
I am peace, I am the storm, I am
Justice is mine
I live to rise
I live to tell

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