Aminath Neena

Aminath Neena is an English lecturer from the picturesque archipelago nation of the Maldives. Currently, she works at, The Maldives National University. An avid lover of words, poetry is a hobby closest to her heart. Her poems usually revolve around themes such as love, relationships, spirituality, society, human rights and global issues. According to her, poetry is the gateway to spirituality because it resonates purity like no other. Among her achievements include having her poem featured in ‘Words And Music’, a programme on BBC Radio. She believes her writings to be a reflection of her thoughts, her feelings and her life.


  My love, your soul's being such a geek,
 Oh! rather prudish and unruly tonight
 he is making me utterly insomniac
 by playing a game of hide and seek
 He whispers my name so mellow
 just as I try closing my laden eyes
 and my heart starts searching for you
 only to find an estranged pillow
 Do something for me, my inamorato,
 take him back inside you and subdue
 then fly over to me across the seas
 come back in a one-piece tuxedo
 Or perhaps if you cannot be fair
 eyes closed drift off into the clouds
 then gently tiptoe into my dream
 and just let me catch you there 


 Scarlet dreams
 Knitted in gold thread
 Is what I conceal
 Within bashful sighs
 In the shelter of my eyes
 Within closed lids
 Sometimes I become a magnolia in bloom
 My quivering petals wiping away your gloom
 My fragrance fiddling with your senses
 The essence disarming your defenses
 Within silent lids
 Sometimes I become a nymph of the seas
 Singing enchanted melodies
 That you may fall asleep buried in the soft swerves
 Of my sea crusted feminine curves
 Within cascading lids
 Sometimes I appear as the encrypted moon
 Fading away the dark clouds of rainy monsoon
 That I may cast off the darkness of your ethereal base
 My light gleaming over your face
 Within half closed lids
 Sometimes I arrive greeting you
 As glorious morning dew
 Applying dawn fresh-nature's balm
 Seducing you with my soothing charm
 But all this I do in scarlet dreams
 of knitted gold thread
 Secretly enclosed
 Within bashful sighs
 In the shelter of my eyes 


 Oh jasmine; oh, my grace,
 Thy softness and silky finesse
 Thy flawless beauty, so enchants me
 Aye, this meek psyche is baffled by thee
 Me thinks thou belong with the sylphs
 Thou confront no scuffle to those nymphs
 Of the land, the rose so charming
 The wild hibiscus so daring
 Thy noble purity captures my heart
 that no magic can reel it apart
 And thy nectar- thy scent is the sweetest flow
 Oh, my ladyship! And do they truly know?
 'Tis the chastity in SHE not the flare
 That matters so, nor the outside glare
 Alas! those that seek the truth can but see
 With eyes that seek beauty can only see
 the hidden allure of the woman so feminine-
 in the kosher elegance of thee, my jasmine- 

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