Angelina Der Arakelian

My name is Angelina Der Arakelian and I am a writer and poet. I will be going to University to study Film and English come September. Aspiring to be an author, I spend my spare time writing fiction and poetry which typically contain themes ranging from love to loneliness and prejudice. What motivates me is the state of the world we live in and the means through which art and literature can be used to create a powerful and positive impact on society. There is always something to be inspired from and apply within the fields of art. 

Somewhere in the Middle

 I'm stuck somewhere in
 The middle
 Or, what I consider to be real
 My eyes flicker past two opposing corners
 Destinations, goals, targets - shivers
 Entangle my thoughts, cutting edges
 They are stuck somewhere in
 The middle
 Some seek to escape, some linger
 Or, what I consider them to be clutter
 Blocking the entrance of the new waves
 Hurricanes, tornadoes, sandstorms - blisters
 Surround my decisions, sending mixed signals
 Of time, I wonder if its journey has come to rest - at best
 It is stuck somewhere in
 The middle 

Occasional senses 

At times, when comfort invades my skin 
 And I flip through the pages of yesterday’s promise 
 You gave, I followed
 The traces that lead to your breath over my neck,
 I can almost hear my name pronounced by your lips 
 Cupping my weaknesses together to chase you 
 Leave me with no choice, it insists to stay,
 With soft fingertips of your golden hands, you paint
 A canvas made blank at the sight of your stare,
 Planting shivers of constant what if’s in my body
 Checking the limit of my patience, I won’t let them win,
 Not if they are but mere occasional senses.  


 I find myself reaching the border of insanity closer every day
 Insanity giving birth from audacity claiming 
 A solution to the world's greatest tragedy 
 Rising from depravity, seen as a malady 
 Thriving off broken aims and shredded hopes 
 Sitting in a puddle of lost joys and children's songs 
 Inspiring the unpredictable, bathing in ropes 
 Holding onto our restricted understanding, 
 Always suffering whilst understanding 
 The illusions enveloping our very beings 
 Living whilst ignoring temporary satisfaction 
 Stealing our position in a world seeking direction 
 From hands consuming guilt in exchange for damnation 
 Appearing after ego's sweltering coronation.  

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