Ron Torrence

Ron Torrence published his first short story at age 50 and his first poem at age 80. Even so his fiction, non-fiction and poetry are pretty widely published. He’s also written five novels and a screen play, all unpublished. Much more to do. His work has appeared in American Writer’s Review, Crack The Spine, The Dirty Goat, Dos Passos Review, Existere Journal, Forge, The MacGuffin, Menda City Review, Nassau Review, riverSedge, Orange Willow Review, Slipstream, Eureka Literary Magazine, Oxalis, Ash, Potent Aphrodisiac, Rockhurst Review, The Tower Journal, Thereby Hangs A Tale, Typo, Sour Grapes, Circuit Traces, RE:AL, Reflections Literary Journal, way station magazine, West Wind Review, Wild Violet, Yellow Mama and Pleasant Living.

unbearable maelstrom of being

 multitudinous torrents
 life’s cliffs
 gravity’s arc 
 etching air
 turbulencing plunge pools
 joy    sorrow
 peace         love
 unequal streams
 life by life
 indifferent fate? 

mirror on time’s wall

  she sits 
 at her window
 all day
 cars below become 
 model t’s her youth
 all night every night
 songs fitzgerald knew
 face across the ballroom
 her face
 boys fought to lay bouquets
 girls pined to be her court
 picked     discarded
 peanuts in a bowl
 bands stopped playing
 swains died away
 cocooned in wrinkles
 reduced to diapers
 where dreams?
 bubbles children chase 

ultimate meanings

 long ago
 from a mossy bank
 a small brook
 tad poles
 wiggled tails
 pontoon boat bugs
 waked tiny waves
 nearby salamander
 snuggled a log
 tucked safe from adults
 their blood soaked wars
 their endless tyrannies
 their broken dream eyes
 now many years
 part of their world
 broken dreams
 never ending
 brook became houses 
 long since 
 my center still 

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