Alycia Hodge

My name is Alycia Hodge. I am a mother, artist and writer from Oregon in the U.S.A. I had two poems published in my youth, in 2001 and 2003, for placing in young writer’s contests. After many years, I am breaking through writer’s block with poetry again. I have plans to publish a collection of my poems and at least two novels of fiction in the future. You can find my poetry on Facebook on the page “Aly Red Letters”. I love being a mom, nature, animals, music, books, and art of all kinds. My biggest hope is that my work might inspire others to let out their creativity and follow their dreams.

Morning Musings

  I hear three roosters crowing in the early morning.
 So many times,
 They just kept going and going,
 Crowing and crowing,
 But it made me think about the time
 That one rooster crowed thrice.
 As the sun broke
 Peter was rolling the dice.
 You'd think he wouldn't think twice,
 But he denied. 
 I hear three roosters fighting to be heard 
 In a cock fight of words,
 Of who can be louder than the first.
 Ringing in,
 Bringing in
 The morning through the mists. 
 My mind twists
 And contorts the shapes in the mist,
 As I see the abyss.
 Will I dive
 In another time if
 Things need another shift? 
 When I climb out,
 Upside down,
 Spiderman style,
 Will you receive me with a smile?
 Can we sit and talk awhile
 About denial,
 And what we deny in ourselves 
 That keeps us trapped in a hell realm? 

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