Jenny Byrne

Jenny lives in Shankill Co. Dublin, and is originally from the seaside town of Bray. Being near the sea always feels like home. Her husband is Galwegian and they love to spend time there as often as they can. Always curious and drawn to learning she has had a varied career from media to Montessori teaching and is currently working towards her professional HR qualification in Learning and Development. Jenny engages with writing as a creative way to express various aspects of life and experience. She wrote a lot in school before a demanding career and young motherhood took centre stage. With the support of very good people, she is finding her way back. Her poems have been published in The Galway Review.


 Are my poems too sad
 she mused
 sitting on the chair she can never get comfortable in
 she has tried everything
 a cervical issue you see,
 from childhood,
 a hint of scoliosis back to haunt 
 but the thoughts, the thoughts they seemed so dark 
 who would want to read? 
 with no wish to upset she muddled along
 thinking it better than keeping the sadness in, 
 it eats you slowly you know,
 maybe one day they’d cheer up. 

Sapere aude

 The wise child
 omniscient, sensing, absorbing
 full up, engorged, overflowing 
 No reprieve, corridors closed, 
 dam bulging, deluge certain 
 walks within the gilded mausoleum, 
 sham, chaos mire 
 Instinct knows what can and cannot be said 
 perception is reality they say
 a ten year old cannot play with perception 
 Sensitivity has no place in dysfunction
 systems are not made to be broken
 wise children bearing all weights
 eventually crumble.  

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