Antonio Eramo

Antonio Eramo is the notoriously cryptic New England poet that hides behind 30+ internet alt accounts. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Southern New Hampshire University and holds a degree in creative writing with a concentration in poetry. His most notable publications include Prides Crossing, Momentary Monet, and Art of Sin. 

Atom and Eve

I cant rescind the wind of betrayals
so long as valiant valence prevails
to hold my energy captive in you
for you have stole a part of me it's true!

This veil hence has masked what is the matter
tabled thoughts of tea for this mad hatter
this period of odd tickles my sense
how noble can I be to jump the fence 

for [He] who changes voice to reach high pitch
Shall [O] the trees for air he didnt take
In [Au] of others love we see as rich 
Whose elemental bonds we cannot break

New tones are found in apples that decieve 
how fitting that all atoms have an eve

Narrow Dynamic

I sit between the wings of metal bird
and think of all the things that have compelled
my heart to cross the lines that it has blurred
and misconstrue the love it has propelled 

how foolish is the sparrow in the night
arrows hold the truth of fallen feather
and narrow is the mind before the flight
bumpy ride is always due to weather 

for all these thoughts I have I am not proud
I know the flame arose because I fanned
I find my head is lost now in a cloud
and I don't think I have the heart to land

too flighty in my thoughts I cannot choose
I lost control and now I simply cruise

Apple Papel

cavort till out of sort my sordid soul
how sore did sanctity make stretched out whole?
are you not full to brim with holy rim 
the halo over head where light won't dim? 

for no eyes can now canonize the lies 
and no ears can now hear the heathen truth
no mouths able to eat bread at table
brain is not quite Cain and not quite stable

palpitate my fallen apple papel 
pontificate how ponchus washed his hands
flood my fears like god doth flood the lands
chastise me until I chant for chapel 

spake of burning stake to haunt halow youth
and promise me now how my soul will rise 

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