Emiliya Ahmadova was born in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Emiliya is a compassionate and spiritual person, devoted to the well-being of other people. She writes in order to highlight the social issues that are happening throughout the world in hope to bring positive changes. Emiliya has diplomas in business management, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in human resources management. She also has International diplomas in the advanced study of the theory and practice of management, administration and business management, communications, hotel operations management, office management and administration, and Professional English from the Cambridge International College, in addition to a certificate in novel-writing. Emiliya likes being around people, listening to their issues, adores travel, enjoys playing soccer. Her favorite activity, along with spending her time with family, is offering voluntary services and working on her books.

Life is a gift given from God to us. Most times people spend many years of their lives living in the past. Some spend their days filled with anxiety, anger or chasing after relationships that don’t last. Others eagerly trying to prove something to someone or impress. So, the days become wasted as we grow older and the lost time cannot ever be returned. The page turns over as we move forward at times feeling sad, empty, content, happy, joyful or grief. Perhaps others are hiding the pain behind the smile or crying when no one is around.

What should be done?

Maybe instead of worrying or arguing, one must let go what is not good for him or her. Open your heart for someone who would become your best friend and companion.

Maybe you must spend more time with those you love while they are still around. Perhaps you should show some kindness and love towards others. Get involved in the activities that make you smile. Spread your joy to others while loving yourself in a good way! Maybe there are old wounds that must be healed. The healing will come with forgiveness and letting go the pain. 

A heart filled with love makes you smile, but at times cry. However, loneliness gives you the feeling of emptiness and brings tears to your eyes. Burdens that humans carry seem to be like a heavy load. At times humans barely carry that load falling many times. Yet, making one step at a time they become stronger and keep walking till the end. A few just give up forgetting that life given by God shouldn’t be cut short. One must learn to carry his cross till the end. He should live his life meaningfully or find a little joy and hope even during the dark times. Hope is like a guiding light in our lives that comes with faith in God. He helps up to rise when we fall. 

As long as there is hope, faith and love, humans will keep moving forward with God being a guiding light in their lives. He is like the sun that spreads its rays around the world blighting up the earth. Without this LIGHT we will be lost in complete darkness.

Yet, when the last sparkle of hope dies people give. At times they turn away from God sinking into the deep dark hole and feeling depressed.

Turn to God with your heartfelt prayer and a true repentance. Have faith and your prayers will be answered one day. Who knows maybe when you least expect it something good will find its way into your life. Something will make you smile again and warm up your heart. After all life is full of surprises and God is good..

All Glory and Praise goes to the Lord.


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