John Munn

Born and bred in the industrial valleys of South eastern Wales. I lived early life in the shadows of the Six bells colliery, growing up within a close-knit community helped shape lifetime views on political issues.

 I worked for over a decade at the colliery and held office in the trade union lodge at a young age. My early influences include the welsh rugby team and the west indies cricket team.

I also delight in reading the wealth of unpublished poets, enjoying greatly poems and pints nights and now poetry nights online. Humour and punchlines get my thumbs up. I’m proud to be one of the four wordly worders.


Precarious in a vile
On the bedside table of delirium
Vipers strike of another day
Swollen in the lymph 
Traveling at speed through the capillaries
Sharp light pains blind retinas
Moon surface of mouth 
Sirocco of cigarette smoked throat
Gasping and grasping for air and the vile
Of Analgesics 
Dirty cup of warm water
Temporary reprieve 
Until stronger drugs
Can be bought at the opening of the 
kings head.

Gift from Africa

Whipped from dunes
In hot Sahara thermals
Thousands of tons of sharp
Spiralling upwards
Grain by red grain 
Clouding in a silicon storm
Pushed by solar winds in the upper atmospheres 
falling as a fine red dust 
To leave semi circles of clear 
Under wiper blades 
And mars landscapes 
under a wine sun

Me normal   naaa.

A storm chaser catching data
Dodging flying roofs and palm trees

A deadly venom collector of tube and fang
Mambas and rattlers held behind the jaw line.

A vulcanologist sweating.
Above carpets of red pyroclastic flow

A  heroin  dealer dealing talc cuts 
In Rio`s tin sheet  favelas

A free-swimming helper
Of  net entangled white sharks in open ocean

I put my feet up at weekends. 
To enjoy a  glass of red .

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