Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and her poems tend to reflect the impact MS has on her life, as well as other topics close to her heart. Her poems have recently been published most on The Honest Ulsterman, Neuro Logical and Dodging the Rain. Her chapbook, Quicksand, was published by Dreich having come second in their chapbook competition 2020. Her website is www.jumpingjulespoetry.com

The Battle Outside

There’s a life out there that’s not for me
an eerie drum of noise weighing me down,
the motion of cars sucking me in and
the bark of a lost soul.
A friendly call from nearby hedge
tries to clear the drone,
awaken air from its still birth,
but life chooses the bitter road.

The Sky is Lower Today

There’s less air to breathe,
clouds are reaching arms
hauling me back.

I’m in a lake of stench:
thick, rising sludge,
wading backwards.

Tormented thoughts seep in,
drowning an aching desire
to leave a hint of light.

Today I’ve had enough,
a valley of hurt,
jaded as a disappearing moon.

When I find my bed
I’ll wrestle onboard and
hope sleep is kind.

Night Time

Gathering colour
encircling life,
leaving lonely flickers
where stillness hangs.
Sheltering, embracing 
all who rest in murmurs, 
swirls of hush. 

Black sighs its name
to inner visions
rising in whispering minds,
still believing,
until a jolt shakes, stirs,
lifts the final chapter
allowing morning in.

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