Annie Harpel

Annie was born in Illinois, grew up in Orange County, and now lives in a quiet beach town along the Central Coast of CA. She is a poet, essayist, fine art photographer and artist. Her poetry has been published in local newspapers and online literary journals including Drabble and First Literary Review – East. She has taught poetry workshops at several county libraries and is a member of Cambria Writers Workshop. She says poetry is her raft, star, song, umbrella.

end of days

when I meet my guardian angel
I hope her wings are made of poems
we will float 
through halls with scrapbooks
of my earth time
an organ plays
Amazing Grace
stories fill shelves
paintings hang on museum walls
rivers lead to 
waterfall mist rainbows and 
rocks are tumbled smooth

cycle of beginnings

tears are words
that flow from my brokenness
onto the pages as poems

to be held until the end
tossed into the fire
that becomes part of my ashes

scattered by the wind
carried along a river
returned to earth

when all is said and done

what vessel will hold the ashes 
of my words
after the poetry has been written

where will my heartache go
when the compression of sadness
has left my ribs

who will be there to hold my hand
as my soul leaves this body
on its way to stars

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