John Welsh

I promote writing as a therapy.

“Got a frown, write it down, Feeling blue, a pen will do”

Some of my work is deep, considered and emotive and some is daft.

The performing bug has bitten me along with the writing and I am reluctant to hand back the microphone.

I have a flat full of poetry, stories and compilations of undefined genres.

I will be famous when I am dead (well at least for 15 minutes)

John Welsh not dead just resting. January 2020


The decree of spring/summer 2015 states that anyone of any colour, creed or age who has the available readies and is happy to queue to firstly appease a loud child who does not just want a treat but NEEDS one or else there will be crocodile tears of suffering at anytime during the long parlour opening hours and also after standing for so long will purchase one for the whole family including attached grandparents.

The diet and the bank balance will be forgotten as the desire to get your laughing tackle around that stick/coned delight

This shall have the effect of appeasing all cares and woes and shall be consumed quickly and quietly before the melting drips arrive

There shall be a surfeit of chocolate either coated or sprinkled. On over indulgent days 2 or even 3 scoops shall crown your cornet.

Let us all say together Mint, Raspberry ripple, rum and raisin, pistachio or one of each.

Guilty pleasures will be overlooked and a temporary quietened child with cream smeared face and apparel will be the outcome

Forget Ice cream sundae this 24/7 charter says breakfast to supper is cornetto time.




In the absence of a stylist
With a closed sign at the barber
I thought I would get creative
Though the problem grows much harder.
My Options were increasing
As my headgear did not fit
Sprouting tufts came out all sides
I looked like a hairy git.
I still wanted windswept and interesting
A wide parting with managed sides
But to keep the vision I sometimes had
I bought some large hair slides.
Maybe a top, side or back knot
Could I try a Nordic ponytail or plait
Or Italian slick using the finest oil
Then slide on a hat
A Brazilian comb over could do it
to keep my tresses trim
or even an Elvis.
I could look like him
“Something for the weekend Sir”
Nudge wink the barber said
“no just a jar of Brylcreem
To go onto my head”

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