Lori A Minor

Lori A Minor, editor of #FemkuMag, is a human rights activist living in Ohio. Her work has been featured in several journals including Prune Juice, The Heron’s Nest, and is/let. Lori has won awards including two shortlisted haiku for the Touchstone Award (2017, 2019). She is honored to be the finalist for the Sable Books Haiku Contest for Women (2020) for her forthcoming book Uprooted and to have given a presentation on social awareness in haiku at the 2019 Haiku North America Conference. Most recently, Lori was selected to have work appear in New Resonance 12 (Red Moon Press) and Haiku 2021 (Modern Haiku Press).

Hot Girl Summer

Popping Xanax bars, snorting Morphine, chugging Johnny Bootleggers in the bathtub. When the guy I was fucking found fresh cuts on the inside of my ankle, he just handed me another pill.

more wild

than ever. . .


Circling the Drain

I’m an addiction to people looking for a quick fix. They cling to the familiarity of my damage, finding solace in my pain and inhale my every scar like lines of cocaine. I’m their “one last high” before rehab and when someone fails sobriety, they don’t come back… they just find a new drug.


the span of

a cicada’s cry

Path to Eden

I stopped going to church years ago, but being alone on Easter in the middle of a pandemic will certainly drive you to find some type of service to watch.

country road

the Lord’s house

beside the strip club

The Fear of God

I’m constantly lighting up. Honestly, I could probably scrape the resin off my lungs and smoke it. Staying stoned is just the only way I can give myself some goddamn peace and quiet.

burning bush

this voice

to do better


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